Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'll have two steaks, and the ladies will each have a very sensual salad with a very low-fat sensual dressing - Zap Brannigan

In the last month I have done an epic backwords slide down the greasy hill of fitness & weight loss.
The awesome combination of zero exercise, massive hormone upheaval, basically not really giving a shit and stress have resulted in me gaining 2.8 kilos. Yep 2 point bloody 8 kilos. I am pretty much right back to the starting blocks again. This is pretty depressing & well annoying.
Dammit. BUT what can ya do? Just pick myself up, wipe the dust bunnies off my New Balances, fish out the NASA engineered sports bra and start again.
This week I have returned to the gym. Holy snappin' duck fish! My fitness level is horrendeous!!!
I can't even jog for 30 seconds without nearly blowing chunks all over Eddie Maguires face on my treadmill telly. Yesterday I really thought I was going to cry because I was so sad that I have slipped right back again. Stupid friggin metabolism.
It's not fair that I have to sweat (gross) in order to lose weight and yet other people just have to get a wee bit stressed and 20 kilos fall off them.
OMG My legs are killing me at work today. My poor quads are yelling at me.
Did I also mention that my portion sizes have increased to rival the sizes on Man Vs Food?
I just feel SOOOOO hungry. I'm drinking lots of water.

Oh and also just to top off my crap results I have gained 2cm on my already heaving mega boobies, 4 cm on my waist (read big gut) 1 cm on my non-child bearing hips and 1 cm on each thunder thigh.
Well what can ya do?
Start again.
"Eyes on the Prize Violet. Eyes on the Prize".


  1. Vicki,
    I was so sorry to read your last post, and honestly didnt know what to comment -sorry seemed far to cliched for such a sad sad event for you both. Like you said - nothing else for it but keep on keeping on. If its any consolation through no stress other than being broke and starting a new full time job next Monday, I too have slipped far from the skinny slippery slope and put on 5kg. I have strayed from the 12WBT fold and deleted my blog. But today, I'm signing back up, setting up a new Foxspaws ranting blog, and shall give it a go again. I hope, no, I know we can do it this time!

  2. Well done for getting back on the horse!

  3. Good on ya Vicki. Keep up the good work! Have a great time on the weekend, wish we could b there. Lots of photos :-)

  4. Thanks for your warm fuzzies Foxpaws. Send me a link for your new blog when you finally get off your arse & start it.
    Thanks Janiece & Maria xooxoxxoxo

  5. can't get off my arse chick - its way to fat!!! hehehehe.