Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sugar Sugar. You are my Candy Girl & you got me wanting you.

Just a quickie today.... Thanks to that marvelous medium Facebook it came to my attention that yours truely is in the latest issue of Cruzin Magazine. In it is an article about the opening day of one of my favourite shops Your One Stop Pin Up Shop at Chermside.

A bunch of us pin-up lovin' gals converged on the newly opened shop to check out the hawt frocks & accessories for sale & to congratulate Mz Bek on bringing her store to Brissy Town.
Cruzin Magazine is sold in all good newsagencies. (if yours doesn't stock it then chuck a hissy fit)

Bek's Angels

Also, after writing yesterdays rant about sugar & my flubba-wubba body craving, it was highly recommended by a number of you that I read "Sweet Poison - Why Sugar Makes Us Fat".
I like to keep myself edumacated about stuff n things n shit so I immediately zoomed out & bought it.
I'll let you know what I think. So far it's all very scientic n shit.
PS:  Today I've started having NO sugar in my coffee... I hope that my tastebuds get used to it soon.
Carry on.


  1. hey Vicki, good in your for getting back into it. I don't think it can hurt to cut down sugar, we all have way too much - but be aware that scientists and nutritionists have reservations about that book (which was written by a lawyer). See more at Click on show transcript) and

  2. Hey, I just wrote a long post as I have done several times and it disappeared when i pressed go :(( I am reading and responding!! Hope this gets through....

  3. Ok, so as I was saying it's an ok read but his worst advice is to eat anything you want while cutting out sugar ... I put on 2kg!! :< I use the app My Fitness Pal ... free and it counts sugars etc from the foods you quickly search for each day. After 3 days using it I was hooked, and my sugar intakes are much better controlled :D