Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stewed, Blued & Tattooed

Firstly I would like to publically give myself a massive 12wbt upper cut in my Bert Newtonish face.
GAIN OF 1.6kg. I would love to blame this gain on the arrival of the evil Aunty Flo (I admit that bitch is partly to blame) however, I cannot. This past week has been a massive blur of SUGAR.
Baskin Robbins , Cheesecake, Picnic bar, Boost Caramel bar, Hot Chips, Cake Pop, Burritos and Licorice Allsorts. SUGAR SUGAR FAT SUGAR SUGAR.
I've given up the durries. I've given up the grape.  Now I need to give up the sugar. Sigh.
Bloody hell swimsuit season is nearly here and here I am scoffing my pie-hole with crap.

In other Mz Vicki news.............
On the weekend TBF & I zoomed over to Archerfield in our custom-line 1996 Nissan Terrano to hit the awesome Mimsy's Trailer Trash Tattoo Open Day.

Mrs Mimsy has the most fabulous set up for her business. The waiting room contains 3 cool-as vintage caravans & tiki bar while upstairs is where the magic happens. 
On other people.........
The closest I've come to getting a tattoo is when I accidently lent my wet arm on the Andy Capp & Hagar comic strip of the Sunday mail when I was 14 and another time when I was 19 when it took a whole month for The Gig Nightclub stamp to scrub off my wrist. 
I reckon about 90% of my friends have tattooes.  To be honest I don't really SEE tattoos on people anymore because I'm so used to being surrounded by a bevy of colourful characters.
I kind of like the fact that in this sea of inked, drawn and coloured flesh I am a rare little milky white vanilla skin freak.  So many 'vintage' 'retro' rockabilly fillies now are covered in pretty & gorgeous piccies.  I've always liked being different so it's good to be RARE CLEAN-SKIN. LOL
I think that tattoos are rad though.  They are like a living breathing artwork. (When done well) are a reflection of the person under them.  I've never found one image that I loved SO much that I want it to be permantently on my body. I'm too fickle.
The lovely Mimsy herself. YIKES

It was such a great day. The weather was superb, the company was grouse, the band The Ten Fours were rockin' (as usual) and the food was yummo. I can HIGHLY recommend (not if you are doing the 12wbt of course) trying some of the yummy yummy yummy cupcakes & cake pops from Sugar Bomb.   I had never had a cake pop before. O..M...G. I had the lemon & basil with white chocolate.
I seriously wanted to try all of them. The GOOD thing about the cake pop is they are like a single serving so if you have self-control (I obviously have none) you can have one without feeling like you have overindulged. You can find them on Facebook.
Be warned: Looking at the photo albums of cupcakes & cakes WILL cause extensive drooling.
Mz Sugar Bomb herself : Nicky xoxoxo
OK OK OK I really need to get myself under control with my sugar cravings. Maybe I should go to Go-Vita & get myself the 10,000 capsule bottle of Chromium and start popping them like tic-tacs.


  1. Hello!
    I just found your blog on the 12wbt S.E. Qld Crew page and it is awesome! I just completely and utterly failed at round 2 and can't afford to do round 3 officially but am going to try my best armed with my printed folder of Mish recipes and new JFDI cap (and attitude I suppose)! :P
    Looking forward to reading more of your musings,
    P.S. I work at Brewbakers (not great for weight loss haha) and recognise your lumberjack! Brisbane is such a small city sometimes!

  2. Hi Eils. I'm glad you found my blog! Good luck with doing Round Three.. I'm sure you will kick arse.
    OMG BREWBAKERS!!!!!! BEST BAKERY EVER. Yes my lumberjack husband is very much a regular customer. He is addicted to your bagels.
    I could NEVER work there. I would have to eat those butterscotch donots all day :)