Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Never eat more than you can lift. " - Miss Piggy

"Sweet Poison" ..... how did I like it? meh.
All very very scientific & well.... boring. I found one of my eyes starting to turn in and a string of salvia forming on my chin. Don't get me wrong... if you are interested in biology and chemistry and shitloads of words ending in OSE you will love this book. I'm not sure what I was expecting.
Basically in 208 pages the message is DON'T EAT FRUCTOSE.
Personally I think that's a bit over the top. When someone says to me "You can NEVER have that EVER again". I tend to cross my arms, pout, stomp my foot & mutter "You can't tell ME what to do!" and poke my tounge out.
I'm a person who has done almost EVERY diet known to man-kind or at least bought the book, burnt 5 calories flicking through it before exclaiming "It's all just too hard!" and then adding it to the other Latest Diet Miracle Diet book shelf.
Basically, with my thorough research I think it comes down to this:


As I was flicking through the book all I could think was "Stuff that!". Life is WAY too short to never eat cheesecake again.  What is the point of going on if you could NEVER have a Lindt white chocolate ball?? *shudder*  Personally, I would rather be eaten alive by a hoard of rabid ferrets than never taste my Nanny's Lemon meringue pie.
I think as long as you aren't chowin' down on the Cadbury, McDs and Coca-cola everyday and have a little bit than that is ok. I think I'm doing pretty good. No grog, No softdrink. No Maccas or KFC.
I reckon as long as 90% of my intake is food that comes from the ground or a tree and not from a can or bag then I am doing better than most.
Seriously this whole NO sugar NO carbs NO meat NO aspartime NO oil NO eggs thing gives me the shits.
Get off my back. If I was knocking back 2litres of full-cream Coke a day and eating a whole meatlovers with cheesy crust Pizza every week and eating burgers for lunch that is different.
Today I had Organic Natural Muesli with grated apple for breakfast. ERMEGHARD the muesli has 15g of sugar per 100g. EPIC FUCKING FAIL according to Sweet Poison. I disagree. It was yummy & had loads of fruit & masses of fibre.
Lunch I had homemade Lentil soup and a banana. OH GOD NOT A BANANA. Don't you know how much frigging fructose sugar a banana has???!!!!!!!!!!! Give me a break.
Anyway that is my rant over.
Maybe I should write a book.

(By the way I just want to add that I do not completely disagree with the basic message of the book which is there is WAYYYY too much sugar in everything we eat and we should read our labels.
The world DOES need to cut back on it's sugar content for sure. I just don't think you should BAN it from your life unless you have a medical condition).


  1. Yep, i think you *should* write a book!

  2. My thoughts exactly. I can't finish the book, too busy eating things....

  3. Agreed!moderation is key :)

    I love sweets and treats too much - if I have to remove them completely from my diet, it's never going to work!