Sunday, July 8, 2012

“I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it” - Mae West

If you went onto YouTube now & typed in Epic Fails 2012 you would see video of me totally failing at the Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation. Me eating calamari & hot chips, chocolate and corn chips. You would see that my portion sizes have once again increased to Mega Binge Tummy Expanding levels again. OK not really so don't rush to YouTube.
But seriously it's like because the doctors have said "No No Mrs Vicki you must not do anything physical. You must rest".. that my brain has kicked in with the old Vicki mantra "Screw it. If I can't exercise I might as well have a total 12wbt holiday".
Yep .............

I cannot STAND this whole living in limbo thing and not having a determined path.
I never ever ever ever in my life thought I would ever ever think these 3 words.
Seriously, I feel like I was making some serious progress on my climb up Mount Fitasvickster and was starting to look at myself in the mirror & be ALMOST content with how I was looking.
I had reached this little rocky outcrop where I was feeling fitter, leaner stronger.
Now it's like I tripped on a bloody stick & have gone careering back down the hill landing with a big flubby heap back at the bottom again.
I feel SO GROSS & FAT...... AGAIN!!!
AND...I saw a pic this week that has been put of me on Facebook. Oh my God.
Don't you HATE IT when you get yourself all tarted up & think you've scrubbed up pretty good and then you see a photo afterwards and you look like you could be wearing the sash that says
"Mz Jabba The Hut Look-alike Queen 1957"
From the neck up I look like my usual cheeky sassy self but OMG look at my back fat & bewbs!!!

So today I've hitched up my sexy hiking pants and started my ascent again. No more apathy.
No more of "Oh I'll just have that extra 2 slices of cheese on my sandwich".
No more of  "One Rocky Road Heaven Ice Cream won't hurt me"
No more stuff-it attitude.
Deep fried Calamari is NOT SEAFOOD.
Hot chips are NOT VEGETABLE.
Scotch Finger Bickies are NOT classed as dietry fibre.
I will fit in some sort of low-key exercise where I can even if it just a couple of squats while I wait for the jug to boil.
Bring on the 18th so I can have some sort of direction.


  1. Owww dear MzVicki;

    Rest assured, you look divine in your photo.

    Self assessment is often the harshest, dont forget you are trying to make a babay!!

    More love,

    (and dont rush off an order to Chubbettes just yet ;) ).


  2. You look absolutly fab as always Mz Vikki. As Mikey justs saidu were sick too... take that into account. you r goregous woman... believe it!

  3. Mikey just liked it because you were using my ginormous knockers as a pillow in this photo Maria!