Tuesday, June 12, 2012



Just in time for my long weekend away at Coffs for Wintersun I came down with the dreaded lurgy. Not just the dreaded lurgy but the mega uber super fantastic epic lurgy.
This year's flu is a real corker. Not content with providing the sufferer with boring old blocked sinuses & a bit of an annoying cough.. oh no....this flu decided to wide up the ball at the plate & hit the poor unsuspecting soul with a veritable buffet of whoas.
Barbed wire in the throat with sinus pain that felt like someone was punching me in the face but from the inside out, body aches, weakness, headaches, snotty nose, chapped lips, hot & cold flushes & zero energy. I looked like the pin up girl for Zombie Apocolypse Home Girls. No amount of Cover Girl Ivory Matt Powder was going to cover up that red nose & grey complexion.
Finally today I am coming good & feel like I am back in the land of the living. The craving for brains has also gone.
I was NOT looking forward to today's weigh in.
Thankfully I have stayed the same weight.
Not surprising considering I haven't done a scrap of exercise for the last almost 2 weeks.
I haven't done a single SSS since this round began!!! The Horror. For shame Mz Vicki.
I'm back into it today though and am hoping to do a Jim Morrison & Break On Through To the Otherside of 85kg by next Wednesday.
I can only assume that I must have burnt some calories on the weekend by moaning incessantly & shuddering violently in the Antarctic temperatures of Coffs Harbour.
I did manage to cut a rug on Saturday night though thanks to spending $5000 at Terry White & doping myself to the eyeballs with every cold and flu medicine known to mankind.
Me with Ray the birthday boy at Wintersun
I swear I was inhaling that Difflam throat spray like a crazed opium junkie. The only problem was that my crazy Lindy Hopping only served to get me overheated (& tear my frock) which made me even worse and more irritable.
However, I have gotten better and the skies have cleared just in time to go back to work again. Hallelujah!!
I'm getting stuck into the honey & ginger tea and drinking lots of water.
I'd like to say that I didn't comfort eat over the weekend but I have witnesses that saw me devouring those calamari rings & potato scallops at that roadside dinner.
I promise to write more interesting & funny blogs in the coming weeks when I get back to my normal healthy whining self.
JFDI *sniff*


  1. Thanks Cheeses. I'm getting there. Bloody mangy flu *shakes fist at germs in the air *