Sunday, June 17, 2012

Everyone's a Winner Baby That's No Lie. 12wbt Blog comp.

Well Well Well This week's Surprise is right up my alley.
At the end of each 12 weeks, Mishy Baby  awards a prize to the Blogger of the Round.
Now come ON people. This has got MZ VICKI written all over it like a public dunny door is covered in niko! I can nominate myself or I can blackmail, threaten or beg people to nominate me.

The winners will recieve one of 10 x Dermaviduals Skin Care Packages valued at $240 and a Tea Tonic Travel Tin Set and Tea Pot Valued at $95.
Entries close next Saturday 23rd June 6pm.
Submit your entries by listing your blogs web address in this week's Weekly Surprise Forum Thread.

These are the conditions:

  • You should make between 1 - 3 posts per week (this means that I will be upping the antey & will be delighting yawl with even more pics of my Bert Newton head all red & sweaty after SSS, more pictures of bowls of soup with strategically placed croutons and more word of inspiration & encouragement like "Cmon Lardie get off your arse because if an albino chubba-wubba pin up like me can do it than you can!")
  • Each post should be between 300 - 1000 words (so you'll be getting alot more rivetting posts about all the exciting weightloss things I I got up & walked to the photocopier 5 times today instead of 2 and I didn't eat an iced vovo for morning tea & I nearly vomited AGAIN while running)
  • Your posts are in line with our Copyright Policies (eg. not reposting 12WBT content) (oops I cut & pasted about 3/4 of this post.... FAIL)
  • Your personality shows through whilst still adding value to others (not sure if I should let my REAL personality show through as the over use of the F word might not sit well with the judges... however at least I am keeping it real. From now on I may have to pretend that I'm a NICE girl)
  • You make good use of images and use them to enhance a post (I've got this totally nailed what with my extensive collection of images from someecards, Pinterest & Tumblr not to mention my grainy photoshopped photos of myself taken in the gym dressing room.)
  • The blog is well laid out, easy to read and eye catching (I think even a cross-eyed juggling bus driver could navigate the paragraphs of my blog.)
  • You includes a short personal bio and an About section (Hmmmm I might have to work on this.. You know ... talk myself up a bit... I may have to ummmmm elaborate on the truth a bit.. you know.. to make myself more interesting)
  • Your blog is on topic and adds value to readers even if they aren't participating in the current round of 12WBT (I try to keep my blog on the topic of weightloss, healthy eating & a deep-seated hatred of burpees and Lorna Jane clothing)
  • Your posts are motivating, inspiring, interesting and leave readers wanting more! (Hmmmm I think I have to work on this one)

  • Anyway if you are doing 12wbt & would like to nominate me I think that'd be grouse.
    I'd really like the skincare, teapot & the bragging rights to say that Mish chose my blog.


    1. About to vite for you now. Good Luck!!!!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. You had my vote whether you wanted it or not. Best blog, hands down. Keep it up <3

    4. Voted for you even before I read this :) Hope you win!