Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Let the Sun Shine In. Face It With a Grin.

Brrrrrrrr This morning when I jumped onto the scales it was so cold if my nipples were any harder I would have started to lactate ice cream.
A winter miracle... Well not really...
I've finally gotten over the hideous black plague lergy and am finally feeling human again. I'm back on the exercise train and am eating da good stuff. What's surprising is a loss at TTOM. Not only that but thanks to IVF injections my reproductive organs are a tsunami of hormones which would normally have me bloated up like a baby humpback on a beach in summer.
So that is a total loss of 5.4kg since beginning Round One.

I was starting to feel really yucky. Unmotivated. A Bit Depressed. No Energy. At first I thought this was a sign that was simply starting to feel like normal everyday self again but then I realised that I had a touch of the SADS. As in Seasonal Affective Disorder. When I leave for work it is quite dark and when I finish it is getting dark. My hell-hole... I mean my office at The House of the Screaming Radish (the nickname for my work).... gets no sun thanks to the highrises that have now been built across the road. Now anyone can tell by my milky white albino fluroscent skin that I am no sun-bunny but I know that a daily dose of Vitaman D is good for you. 
For more information on Light Therapy being used as a natural therapy for depression & mental health go to:

So this week I have taken myself, my book and my 12wbt approved lunch over to the park for lunch in the sun. The sun on my face feels so good. And it's a good escape from the sound of phones ringing.

It was so tempting to jump onto one of those city cycle deadly treadlies and simply pedal off into the horizon and never return to my freezing cold work place.
Whilst I'm definately NOT an advocate of slathering your body in Coconut Oil LeTan & roasting yourself for hours in the Aussie sun I do believe that a little bit of sun is good for your soul.

So Open Up Your Heart and Let The Sun Shine In.

PS: Thank you to everybody who has nominated me for the
International 12wbt Blog of the Universe competition.
Ya blood's worth bottlin'

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  1. Vicki you are simply hilarious! I've just started following your blog and I'm so glad that I have. You've totally put a massive smile on my face. Oh and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hairdo! Oh and good choice in books too, I'm currently reading the same thing ;)