Monday, May 28, 2012

Sweet or Sour - What's your Poison?

On Saturday I was confronted by an evil so monsterous, so heinous and so terrible it would make even the most stead-fast 12wbt cult member tremble in their Adidas Exerta 4 Women's running shoes & make a bit of nervous wee go down their leg. A force that has the power to reach inside your mind & tear your will-power apart like a staffy with your brand new Sheridon sheets. What is this horrorific magic mind taking power of which I speak???


Whispering it's malevolent siren song I was helpless against it's pull. Cupcakes, maccaroons, mini salmon sandwiches, pikelets, something called LumberJack cake & Whoopsie pie.
Like Homer Simpson at The Frying Dutchman buffet I had one of each (ok maybe two).
I was swept away in a rip of sugar & cream cheese.


IT GETS WORSE..................
I got home & TBF decided that he wanted to use the Sizzlers vouchers he had won on 4BC. So off we trotted to bingey bogan heaven.
I was still gorged from brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, snacks that I got the fish and only had a serve of salads & a small dish of icecream.... and of course I had to have some of the drug infused (I allege)  cheesy toast. By the time I finished I had a filthy bad headache from sugar & preservative overload.
Blerk. My tummy was as swollen as the mother to be at the baby shower.

So on Sunday when I did my food shopping I thought. "That's it. Too much sugar. I'm going to cut out sugar in my coffee from now on. I know I'll get that Stevia stuff. It's all naturale. It'll be grouse! Geez I'm brilliant!!"

Monday AM. First coffee of the day. I take a nice big sip of that wonderful elixar.
Good Lawd. Imagine if you got a stack of green ants & some oleander leaves with a dash of vinegar & blended them up.. dried them and made them into a little white pill and added it to your morning Nescafe Blend 43. Poison tasting. It's not sweet. It's NOT like sugar. It is NOT a sugar substitute.
I think I will stick to my raw sugar thank you very much.

STEVIA...... 100% FAIL


  1. A bit unrelated to this post but what HRM do you use Vicki? I remember seeing a photo of it but I can't (I'm too lazy) to find it again :) Thanks!

  2. I needed that little chuckle, thanks Vicki... I suggest you go cold turkey on the sugar in your coffee, its tough for a week or so but once you do it you won't be able to go back. I did that and after about 10 days I had the "f#ckit" moment and made a coffee with sugar, and nearly choked it tasted revolting.. give it a go - you'll be glad you did.

  3. Nescafe? egads, I think that's the problem. Try Republica organic freeze dried granules, with a half spoon of Natvia crystals (not tablets). I add milk first because I like it latte-ish, then the hot water. I tried to bake with Natvia though - fail. The party table looked fun - you're supposed to eat at those things :D

  4. CHEESES CHRIST: I got a Suunto HRM from Amart Allsports for about $98. It took a little bit to work out but I like it. It's very basic compared to some of the fancy schmancy ones. Even a wally like me can work it out :)

  5. ANONYMOUS & JOY: I've decided to go with Organic Honey. I know it's still sucrose but I only have 3 cuppas a day. At least my boss doesn't have Pablo! I think I might try that fancy Organic Joy but I'm afraid I'm off the sugar substitues. Yuck.
    PS: Baby shower buffett.. I had to try everything. I didn't want to offend the cook!!! LOL

  6. Stevia is so disgusting! Oleander leaves :)


  7. I was tempted to try stevia. I have now been put off!

  8. Still laughing! Thanks for your very unbiased review of the Stevia. I suspected it was too good to be I know :)

  9. try xylitol. You buy it at the health food store. less calories then sugar but zero gross taste. have converted so many friends by using it in their coffee without them knowing.