Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Preseason Task #6: Organise & Diarise


Otherwise known as


I have to write down all the DANGER days for the next 3 months. Days that could send all my well meaning plans flying out the window quicker then you can say "Caramel Aerobars are evil". I quickly grabbed my calendar down from the wall and examined the next 3 months. I have only TWO potential apocalyptic times that could cause my journey smashed under a big meteorite of doom.

1. Wintersun: We shall be cutting a rug & socialising to the max at Coffs Harbour for 2 days. Take away food alert for the whole weekend. Must try to only eat healthy stuff & not eat 'easy' foods like vomit inducing KFC or RSL chicken parmas with extra gravy.

2. IVF: This awesome *sarcastic font* period of 1 month involves nightly injections of superman strength hormones that make my PMS seem like a happy go lucky sky-lark in the park. Wonderful stomach bloating & a general feeling that my internal girliy bits are going to explode. Of course the end result of this is hopefully going to end in me having a bun in the oven (mmmmm bun). So if that happens I will have to deal with that and adjust my 12wbt accordingly.

Other than that my social calander is depressingly bare.

I also have to work out when i will be well... working out. During Round One I have discovered that I play best alone and at the gym so I will continue with that.

  • Mondy: Fitness
  • Tuesday: Toning
  • Wednesday: Fitness
  • Thursday: Toning
  • Friday: Light fitness, core and stretch
  • Saturday OR Sunday: Bullshit crazy exercise day ,food shopping & bulk cook day.

  • So there you have it.. THE PLAN. I'm sure that other hazards will pop up along the way as they always do and that it won't be too long & those empty little weekend squares on the calendar will be filled.
    Anyone? Hello? I promise to stop tsking at your food choices & talking about my weight.


    1. Heck Vicki, caramel anything and everything is evil, hahahahaha. I have my step daughters 21st birthday this Saturday, and in days gone by I might think this would be a nice time to 'reward' myself for working so hard, but nothing like having my husband's ex-wife in the mix to keep me on the straight and narrow!!!

      Good luck with the IVF. What an exciting but equally anxious time for you. I shall think good thoughts for you both.


    2. Ms Vicki,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog, and I too shall from hereon inwards, or whatever them posh words are, shall comment when you make me laugh - which is all the time!!
      I'm still 2 tasks behind in the grand scheme of things - still attempting to shout it out loud, and clean out the kitchen, but the diary will be a breeze for me.....not much else happening around these parts.
      And good luck with the IVF - sounds crass, but I sort of know where you are coming from - me and 1st husband (about whom we do not speak!!) were about to go for IVF when something fired and we got very very lucky. 2 kids later I got very very lucky and got rid of him!! (Thats another story!!) But I can understand the feelings and the stress. Hang on in there, and it will happen. Sending all the positive vibes I possibly can.