Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Time to Put on my 'Shrinking' Cap

hahahah get it... SHRINKING cap!! Oh forget it.
I thought I would join the cool kids, bust a move & get down with my good self by jumping on the 12wbt merchandising train & get myself a fancy JFDI cap. Boom Shake Shake Da Room

Now when I am jogging along the waterfront I will be easily recognisable as a 12wbt cult member.
Fellow members will nod secretly in my direction to acknowlege that I am "One of Them".
If you don't know what JFDI means... It stands for JUST F@#$ing DO IT. Basically on those days where you are moaning & whinging in your best annoying internal whiney voice " But I don't wannnnaarrrrrrrr!!!
You give yourself an upper cut & say to yourself "Shut the hell up ya big cry baby. Call the Wahhbulance and JUST F&*%ING DO IT!".
(note: most of the other member use the publically acceptable word FREAKING. Not me I'm afraid)
So this week I am just flocking well doing it. Monday I did 50 minutes cardio. Last night I did weights & tonight I'll do cardio again. I did a sneaky weigh in this morning & I am still 86kg.
So no gain & no loss. I am focussing on the NO GAIN element.

This week's preseason task is:  KITCHEN MAKEOVER. Chucking out all the crap that lurks in your pantry and fridge. Luckily for me this isn't an issue. I did this at the start of Round One and 4 months on the only crap you'll find in my pantry is the neverending supply of gecko poo.
If you look in my pantry & fridge you will find about 80% Organic foods in the fridge is mainly whole foods with one container of Miso paste of indeterminate age. The freezer is full of homemade soups & frozen berries with the odd packet of Scotch Finger Bickies.
The one thing I have had to get rid of .... and this is a relatively 'healthy' food... is the yummy Carmen's Muslie Bars.

I've found that I am eating one in the morning for morning tea but then also having another in the arvo. I've decided to substitute them for something else like yogurt or boiled eggs more of a protein based snack.
The other thing I've changed is my water. It's bloody hard to drink cold water when your office is the same temperature as Russia in the middle of winter, (I may need to buy a snuggie) so I fill up my plastic measuring cup with 2 cups of hot water & chuck in some cut up lemon & you have a nice refreshing drink that is also really really good for your guts.


That's all I have to report today so...... carry on..........


  1. You look terrific in the cap. I need to get one too. Was that mail order or from the Big W range?

  2. Love your work...I am doing the 12wbt as well...YIKES! JFDI already! Lol...I will be reading your blogs on the journey as well....!!