Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Well paint me green & call me a pickle!
I lost 700g this week which brings me down to 86.5kg.
WORD UP YAWL!!!! (I is so gangsta blud)
Needless to say when I saw that number this morning I stood there gawping like a giant sea cod in a boat for about 1 minute. WHAA????
Happy Happy Nudey Dance today.

My graph is going down like a nun's knickers. Unreal.
I didn't go to the gym yesterday as TBF & I had an appointment with the IVF clinic (that's a whole other blog in the making) and it didn't finish up until late.
I'm off to Spin class tonight to burn it up.
Mentally, I'm feeling alot better today. My Mojo picked itself up off the lounge, brushed the cat fur off itself, gave itself an upper-cut & got back to work.
The vegetarian menu is still pretty good. Last night we had Chickpea Rissoles & Salad. Even though the rissoles looked alot like hardend baby poo they were quite delicious. The dressing was Greek Yogurt with a tablespoon of tahini which was surprisingly tasty.

Since I am totally like dedicated now to becoming an awesomely hawt totally toned dame I have signed up to do Round Two of MB12WBT which officially BEGINS on June 4th
BUT... Mish has a few weeks of WARM-UP tasks you have to do to get in da moooood.
WARM-UP CHALLENGE #1:  Make One Small Change
This week I want you to make ONE small change to how you eat and exercise.
Make your change something specific and achievable.
 It doesn't have to be a game changer, choose something you can manage.
I've already sworn off the evil turps so I have now turned my glaring squinty eyes onto Expresso Coffee.
A coffee shop opened about 6 months ago literally right next door to my work. I am almost convinced they put some sort of meth amphetamine into their brew. It is so good & so addictive. They have the shirt and tie brigade lined up down the road for a sip of the magical brown potion. It's like that scene in the movie LA Story:   "I'll have a half double decaffeinated half-caf, with a twist of lemon".
Lately though I have found that I feel really quite crook after my LSF1 (I learnt their barrista code system, to save time at the lineup) Large Skinny Flat White with One Sugar. And felt as jumpy as a virgin at a prison rodeo. So it's so long to my coffee shop coffees. I'm not totally giving up coffee though. I'm still going to have my cups of top shelf Nescafe Blend 43 with Trim Milk & one Sugar.
I'm just givin' up Da Hard Stoof.
No I will never give up chocolate..... ever...... ever.........


  1. Can totally relate to the coffee I was having one large a day before our NZ break. now I have none and feel bettwr for it!

  2. Can totally relate to the coffee I was having one large a day before our NZ break. now I have none and feel bettwr for it!

  3. Good luck getting off the caffeine!