Monday, April 9, 2012

Insane in the Membrane...

I'm having "one of those days". Actually two of those days. I affectionately call them "Blender Head" days.
I have Bipolar & sometimes my brain just stands up, brushes itself off & says "Nup. That's it I've had enough I'll be over in the corner if you need me". The crappy thing is that normally my BH days are caused by something. Usually too much grog or too much stress. But I haven't had any alcamahole for over a month, I've been eating really healthy, doing lots of exercise & sleeping well. The BH day hit me yesterday around lunch.
The only way I can describe the feeling is: Imagine being locked in a very small room with about 50 radios all turn on & turned up but all to different stations. It's too much electricity going into my brain & so it kind of freaks out & doesn't know what to do. You want to just lie down & sleep but you are also filled with this nervous energy. The adjective that best describes it is:  ANTSY.

Today I'm much better than yesterday but I'm still a bit wonky.
Anyway.... back to the good parts of the weekend.
On Sunday I did my SSS Mini-Milestone. I hit the gym & did 6km on the treadmill.
I did it in 54 minutes!!! I was very very happy with that result & do you want to hear something totally wacky??? I felt like I could have had a bit of a rest & stretch & done about another 2km!
Incredible. Also, I only burnt 492 calories which says to me that I am getting FITTER!

how sexy am I ala-naturale... not
Sunday night I was sick of cooking & cleaning so I said to TBF "I don't care where we eat as long as I don't have to cook". I really wanted Sushi Train but they were closed. Bummer.
So we went to Outback Jacks. I went a bit nuts & got the ribs/steak/chips plate.
yes the glistening on it is fat.
I'm not gunna lie... it was yummy. Yummy yummy meat. I wasn't too fussed on the restaurant though. It was sooooo expensive & the waitress kept calling me Darl & Doll. I friggin HATE that. I was a waitress for about 10 years & my managers would have stuck my hand in the deep fryer if I didn't call people Sir & Madam.  I wouldn't hurry to go back to Outback Jacks.
But I thought we should have a final meaty meal because we have decided to to the "Vegetarian" menu this week.

 I don't think I could ever go full-time Vego because I simply love my rare bleeding meat too much.
But a week of nothing but tofu & beans will do us good I think. (that reminds me I'd better buy the large economy size can of Glen-20 this week) Not to mention reduce our food bill.
On Monday I cooked up the Falafel wrap & it was so yummy. I've realised that since I started writing this blog I haven't really written about FOOD. I've been focusing on the exercise part alot. So I will now make an effort to bore you all to tears about my mastication habits. (Yes I said masTICation you filthy minded people settle down). So I begin I will show you a picture of chickpea falafels.
Fascinating shit I know....

Also, I should say that if any of you are about to embark on doing this 12wbt yourselves (and I say DO IT! If a unfit schulb like me can do it anyone can!) then I recommend buying a big ring-binder folder & some page dividers. I am an organisational FREAK. I would go so far to say that I have CDO.... It's like OCD but the letters are in the correct order (boomboom). Each week when I print out the recipes I like to put them in the folder in alphabetical order. That way 1. they are easy to find & 2. you have a great cookbook at the end with heaps of totally radelicous (I just made that word up) recipes. brilliant!

I am off to the gym today because I didn't go yesterday because the inside of my brain had turned to grey gooey sludge & the thought of having to deal with people, let alone try & program a treadmill was just too much. Vicki stay Bed. Better I stay at home muttering nonsense to myself & the cat.
I hate being Bipolar. It's Awesome!

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  1. GO VICKI!!! It really sounds like you're starting to feel some results now, good on you!! And if you ever get sick of the gym, you can always come and clean some vintage and move some furniture for me.
    No, not kidding at all!