Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Running on Empty

Woohoooo 4 day weekend for Easter! Thankfully I'm not really one for easter eggs & I can't really remember the last time I celebrated Easter with chocolate eggs.
I'm going to spend the weekend chillin' out. I might watch some DVDs & maybe sew an A-line skirt.
I've got to attempt my SSS at some point which is INSANE this week.
It is a Biatholon. (I think that means twice the pain)
My gym is closed so I am going to have to do it..... *cue dramatic music*...
OUTDOORS .... IN PUBLIC! Oh for shame.
I have to jog/run/walk/shuffle/hobble for 6 KILOMETRES!!!!
Yesterday I redid my Fitness Test. I had to do 1 kilometre as fast as I could.
On Week One it took me 7 minutes & 20 seconds.
Yesterday it took me 6 minutes & 45 seconds.
That is an improvement of 35 seconds.
Now some of you might snort Pfft at this but you can go get knackered.
When I started this insane journey 8 weeks ago I could kind of jog for 100 metres before stopping, practically hyperventilating clutching at my chest & side panting "Can't breathe. Oh God Stitch! I think the lactic acid in my thighs is going to make my legs collapse! Shit Arrrrrrauuughhg.This sucksssss"
Yesterday I jogged the WHOLE way of 1 kilometre!!!!!
I kept waiting for my lungs to do that burny thing where it feels like I've swallowed one of those Bhut Jolokia chillis and for my legs to get all rubbery but..... the feeling never came!
Some of you fitter persons might turn up your slender muscley noses & chortle "Hmmpft 1 kilometre. I do that for FUN on a friday night in between Big Bang Theory & Packed to the Rafters. Whatever".
But for me it is INCREDIBLE.
Also I could do 23 pushups (on my knees. I ain't no Jillian Michaels yet) in one minute.
8 weeks ago I could do 10.
I've also bought myself a Fit Ball & a skipping rope to do some exercise/core work at home.
I promise I will actually use the fit ball for exercising & not just as a foot rest for watching re-runs of Scrubs and I will skip & not just use the rope to tease the cat. hehehhe
I remeasured my thighs last night also. I remember that when I originally measured them I had my foot up on a stool. So.... my thighs have remained the same measurement. Hmmmm?
This puzzles me. My pants are totally looser?  Wishful thinking?
Anyway, I'm excited about my 4 days off of doing sweet fanny albright.
Have a great Easter everyone. Be safe.
PS: I really like it when people leave comments. It makes me feel validated & loved.


  1. Congrats on your 1km :-) great improvement on your week 1 time.

    As for your SSS, hit it up early (and I mean super early) and the area you're in might be less crowded ;-) first thing on Sunday would be a great time!

  2. Thanks for leaving me comments. :)

    Yep I am also thinking I will do my run mega early.

  3. long time lurker, first time commenter here. I too am doing the 12wbt and find your blog really enjoyable and inspiring. Congrats on the 1k time! 6 mins is awesome!!

  4. Easter Miracle!

    Hilarious my dear!

    Love your blog.


  5. Love your writing style! Just love it! I'm on the same 12WBT path as you and did my SSS 7.5km mountain climb this morning.
    Congrats on your fitness test improvements. I'm getting similar improvements and I know how much they mean to me. So I get how happy you are with yours! Well done!
    Keep on going... we've only got 4 weeks left!