Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Howdy Katz & Kittenz.
Well it's that time again. Weigh & Measure & Fitness Test Time.
I set my alarm nice & early. Squeezed out my bladder like a car chamis & hesitantly tip-toed onto the scales. I was NOT expecting a good result after last week's binge n purge (minus the purge of course).
The goddess of boombas was smiling down on me this week with a loss of 700g!!!
Rad to the Power of Inifinity!
WEIGHT: 87.2kg - TOTAL LOST 3kg

Then it was time to pull out the trusty ole tape measure.
CHEST: 111cm - LOST 1cm (TOTAL LOST = 3cm off the bazoongees)
WAIST: 95cm - LOST 2cm (TOTAL LOST = 10cm !!!)
HIPS: 112cm - LOST 3cm  (TOTAL LOST = 9cm!)
THIGHS: 66cm - GAIN OF 2cm???

HANG ON WHAT???? Seriously I cannot have measured myself right! I am going to do a RE-measure this arvo. How can my thighs have GAINED 6cm since starting. My stylish Millers work trousers (elastic waist of course) are DEFINATELY baggier around my legs. Weird.
BICEP: 30.5cm - LOST 1.5cm (TOTAL LOST.5cm)
TOTAL CM LOST - 23.5CM !!!!!

This arvo I have to do my Fitness Test where you run for 1km as quick as pozzy.
I'm going to cheat a bit this arvo & take my pooch to drag me along like a husky pulling a sled but without the sled... oh and the snow. I've got to beat my previous time of 6:50 minutes.
I'm pretty stoked with my results so far. I am slowly transforming into the lean, svelte, slender, lissome, slim, supple, fit, healthy, strong, awesome, fabbo, self confident glamourzon nature intended me to be.
Be gone frumpy, bumpy, lumpy, unfit slothy woman!!!!
I've still got 3 weeks left of Round One & I'm already looking forward to totally kicking some lard arse next Round !!!!
Bring It ORN!

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