Monday, April 16, 2012

“Fashion changes, but style endures.” - Coco Chanel

Today I thought I would introduce you to the reason why I am here doing the 12wbt.
The reason why I drive home every afternoon in peak hour traffic to jog to nowhere on a treadmill.
The reason why I taunt myself when I have to do those bloody AWFUL burpees and MAC push-ups "C'morn Vick just one more matey C'mornnnnnn"
The reason I no longer eat the same amount of food as my husband who has the build of a silver-back gorilla on steriods.
The reason why at work I now put my hand up into the face of my work collegue when offered those decadent tasty treats that come in the shape of licorice allsorts and delicious home-made pastries.
The reason why I actually let myself be seen not only ala-naturale in public but also when I am sweating & grunting like a hog in heat in summer.
Is this the reason?
So I FEEL healthier?
So I FEEL more energetic?
Well partly. The main reason (as I described in my very first post) is:
I'm not a shoe & handbag gal.
VINTAGE 1940s & 1950s clothes.
I am obviously some sort of masochist because I continue to log onto Etsy & torture myself with the lovely visions of silk rayon frocks from the forties, squaw patio dresses from the 1950s, cute blouses, high waisted vintage jeans, sequinned cardigans, my favourite The Pendelton Jacket and my holy grail.... the 1940s Mexican Jacket. So many beautiful amazingly stylish chic gorgeous things.
*shakes my fist at the computer screen & sobs quietly into my filtered water with a slice of lemon*
Over the years I have sold off alot of my vintage clothes simply because I could hear them whimpering & whispering to eachother in the night. "She never wears me anymore.""What did we ever do to her?""She spilt wine on me one night"."Those were the good ole days""It's because she's fat now"."Shhhhhh here she comes......"
The sight of my treasures just made me feel sad so I got rid of them.
But not these little fellas pictured below....... These are my goal outfits.
To some of you you might think ... Errrrrggh what the heck . They look like something out of an old Fossey's catalouge but they aren't.
The blouses are Avanti 1940s reproduction silk rayon Tea-Timers. blah blah blah.
I have NEVER worn them. I bought them about 7 years ago.They cost me quite a bit of dosh (divorce settlement money cha-ching).
I've never seen them for sale since.
The other is a LBD original 1950s. The first & only time I have worn it was on New Years Eve 2001.
It is so lovely on. A real classic beautiful frock.

So YES I know that by doing this 12wbt I am becoming healthier, fitter & my cardiovasular and immune system will just love me and that is grouse but.....
It's the feel of that silk rayon on my skin that is the real cincher for me :)
I might just pop on Etsy again & add just a few more things onto Favourites.
For when I hit goal weight ... of course.

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  1. I can relate to your motives! I too have vintage things i have never been able to wear. I think whatever is your strongest motivation is the thing to use. Good on you.