Sunday, April 1, 2012

No Matter How Hard you Try... You can't suck in Back Fat

5 slices of Algerion Pizza Capers Pizza = 935 calories
1/2 packet of Mint Slice Pods = 900 calories
1 big bag of Chicken Twisties = 314 calories
1 hot dog = 603 calories
1 mega slice of sponge birthday cake (the bit on the end with extra icing) = 200 calories
10 slices of haloumi cheese - 258 calories
3 handfuls of salt and vinegar samboys - 228 calories

Yes I had a very tasty weekend.
But look people can we just focus on the postitives?!
Normally I would have eaten a WHOLE family pizza to myself.
I still haven't drunk any alcohol thus saving myself a gillion extra calories.
I followed all the above foods with Coke Zero which we all know cancels out the calories of the food eaten previously. I even found this picture of Albert Einstein calculating it so it MUST be true.

I DID go to the gym on Saturday & did my workout. I burnt 435 calories or 10 Pods.
As TBF & I were driving home I was rubbing my guns (gym talk for incredibly buff arms) when I thought
"What is that weird bump on my arm?!". It suddenly dawned on me....
I have BICEPS! "Oh My God. I have DEFINITION!!! Touch my arm Mick! TOUCH IT!"
I then began pumping & flexing my arms like a boss! It was NOT my imagination. I have a line of definition between my bicep & tri-cep. OK underneath still hangs down like albino bat wings but..........
So like totally buff man.
This Wednesday is not just weigh-in day but it is MEASURING DAY too.
Geez I hope I have lost more cm. I suppose the weekend binge has to set up camp somewhere though.
I can just imagine the Pods & Twisties in their little covered wagon.
"Well yawl I thank we mayt just set up camp over yonder in them thar thighs".
" Narr POD That thar abdomine looks mighty comfy".
"Let's hunker down narse & comfy like in this belly".

About half an hour after mindlessly scoffing the pods & twisties into my mouth while watching The Lorax I felt like total crud & had a crackin' sugar MSG headache. To think I had only just the week before watched the doco on Healthy Changes. Did I learn NOTHING!?
Why oh why didn't I just get some trail mix & a bottle of water.

Today is CARDIO day at the gym so hopefully I will sweat out most of the crap I ate.
Forgive me Mish.
bitchin' guns.

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