Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Too many mutha'uckas 'Uckin' with my shi'

Wednesday Weigh-in Day.
So far not really a day that fills me with dread.. It's been a day that fills me with hope & vigor.
Until today.... if I could put a sound effect on here it would be that noise from Wheel of Fortune when the wheel landed on Bankrupt. Wawawawarrrrrrrrrrrr. As I stepped onto the scales I could almost hear Baby John saying "Vicki do you want to buy a vowel *snigger*".   L___SER.
Gain of 300g. Bummer Dude.
I only have myself & my engorged fallopian tubes to blame. Thanks Aunty Flo...NOT.
I thought about going back to the loo to try & squeeze out a bit more wee but I quickly gave myself a mental uppercut. "Don't be silly Vicki" I scolded "If you trim your toenails that has GOT to be at least 150g!"

I'm not super peeved though because I have found that my clothes are starting to become quite baggy.
My work pants have got that super sexy baggy in the arse look now. Kinda like MC Hammer pants.
I have definately dropped a dress size. In the bottom half anyway. I don't think any inches have come off the Girls. Dammit. I think they are becoming a bit mooshier though. Not good.

Yesterday I hit the gym & did Monday's cardio workout.
Rower - 5 mins
Run/Walk - 20 mins
X Trainer - 10 mins
Lunges - 5 mins
Sprint/Walk - 5 mins
Abs - 5 mins
I was meant to Walk for 2 minutes & Run for 3mins but I just couldn't do it. My lungs thought I was running up Mt Warning. So I walked for 1 minute & ran for 1 minute. Better than nothing.
I burnt 485 calories.
I'm definately feeling a bit trimmer.

I just keep repeating it to myself.
Better than my previous motto:  DRUNK, DRUNKER, STUFF


  1. Come on girl stick at it, if I can do it you can !

  2. Hi Vicki,
    I've just started reading your blog, I've just signed up for the 2nd Round of 12WBT for the first time and the poop is hitting the proverbial.
    I loved reading your blog, it really made me laugh but inspired at the same time.
    Katie (RedCaboose on 12WBT)