Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nice Shootin' Tex

Last Saturday Mick & I headed off to the Belmont Rifle Range for a wee bit of target practice. Despite what some people might think shooting is actually a really really serious but fun thing to do.  Personally, I love it.
It's almost like a meditation as you have to focus on your breathing & posture.
Arrr the smell of cordite!  Mick & I took turns with his 22 and I must say that I am quite the crack shot!

I was very very happy with my results & hit the bulls-eye more that a few times. There were some BIG boom boom guns there. Crikey people must spend a fortune on their guns.
Next time I wouldn't mind pushing the targets back to the 100 yard mark.
It was a good way to spend the morning but it was mega mega FREEZING cold!
Next time I will remember to take a big coat to wear & maybe a beanie.

You never know maybe one day I'll get myself a gun of my own. I like this Hello Kitty gun.

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