Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Buster Bloodvessel

In our MASSIVE clean out of the shed the other weekend I found loads of photos from Ye Olde Days.
I was mega excited to have found this pic though. I searched high & low for this photo hoping to take it to the Bad Manners gig & have Buster sign it.  Murphys Law that I would find it after the fact.
This photo was taken after the Bad Manners show on the Gold Coast about 10 years ago.
My god look how thin I was. I have no boobs!
Anyways, after the show a few of us went to this little bar next door & who should come in but THE BAND! We sat around drinking with them for a bit. It was great. I reckon Buster has lost about 50 kilos since this pic was taken.
I thought I would share.

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