Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weight Watchers Dinner

Sunday night saw The Big Fella & I hitting the city & Cafe Mondial to meet a few of my fellow Weight Watchers bloggers. Petra (aka Miss Muffet aka Moleteaser), Kathy & Paula. These three ladies are a HUGE inspiration to me & my weightloss journey. Miss Petra is also a roller derby queen. I also have a blog on the Weight Watchers site but I also LOVE reading stories of other people's adventures with WW.
Naturally the conversation over our (naturally) mega healthy meal of sizzling seafood with naan bread & dip with token glass of Merlot revolved around eating tips, exercise tips, motivational tips, roller derby, clothes & shoes & our own weight loss battles & stories.
I came away from the dinner ramped up with motivation and enthusiasm that I CAN DO IT.
I particularly loved Petra's "Evolution" book which is like a diary of her journey with pictures from when she started to now. Kind of like a diary/visualisation board.
It was great to finally put a face & voice to the writings on the WW wall.
Brilliant night with some lovely positive thinking ladies who have accomplished amazing things.

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