Sunday, July 10, 2011

Leisurely Sunday Bike Ride.... NOT!

On Sunday though I thought I would pull my Electra Red Betty Bike out of the shed. 
"I know" I thought "I'll ride to the video store & take back this DVD. What a great idea. It's not that far."
What a fool. Funny how inclines which seem ever so gradual when you are driving in your car become almost like 85 degree angles when you have to ride up them.
I got half way to the store & had to pull over because I was dry retching. I finally made it to the store shaking & hyperventilating. "OK" I wheezed "Do I go back the way I came or try a different route home?" I decided to ride along the (thank god) flat bikeway along the water. It was so lovely.
Until.... I had to decide what street to go down to get back home. I chose wrong. Yep I forgot about the mega mountainous hill. I had to push my bike up it. All in all with breaks to cough up a lung & curse the heavens it took me about an hour. I almost couldn't breathe OR walk when I got home!
I collapsed on the couch wheezing like a cat with a furball.

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  1. Lol:) I have the black betty - the black one with pink flames. I think I have ridden a total of 8 times in two years. And not at all since I moved to wagga - wayyyy too hilly for three gears.