Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm all Ears....

Last night I finally got myself to the hairdressers for a bit of long overdue bleach action. While I was sitting there flicking through the latest issues of Marie Claire & Cleo a young girl around 9 years old came in with her mother. They toddled off into the back room & emerged about 1 minute later all smiles.
"Did she just get her ears pierced?" I queried Brenton my hairdresser.
I was shocked that it all happened so quickly & without tears.
You see I have been mortally terrified of having my ears pierced. It's all to do with my phobia of needles. That and when I was about 14 I had my ears pierced & they got all infected & swelled up like two big rotting tomatos on my head. I was emotionaly scarred for life.
HOWEVER, this year is all about change. I have gone through a round of IVF which involved numerous numerous needles & I lived to tell the tale so...
"Let's do it Brenton!" I burst. "I want to wear nice earrings like the pretty girls do & I want to get over my fears".
So after my hair was done I was taken into the little back room. We decided that Brenton & Raelene would pierce both my ears at once to get it over & done with as quickly as possible.
To their amusement I was shaking like the total wuss that I am.
They got themselves all lined up & ready and...
3.......2 ..............BANG!!!!
It was done! And it was true. I didn't feel a thing.
Afterwards I got a bit emotional & nearly started crying. Not because of any sort of pain but because I had overcome another fear. I was very proud of myself.
I can't wait for 6 weeks time when I get to take these suckers out & get to spend even more money on lovely pretty things to adorn myself with.

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