Sunday, July 17, 2011

Running Wild

On the insistance of Marc my PT I entered into the Jetty 2 Jetty fun run. The 5km leg.
Naturally, I also entered Mick to do it with me.

So Sunday morning we dropped our car at Mick's folks & walked the 15 minutes to the start line. We had attached the little microchippy things to our laces & put on our best running gear. (Black Greazefest & Gogolo Bordello T-shirts). Besides a few people who dressed up in tutus & bizarre full body skin that included over the head tuxedo skins most people looked that they had done this before. Nike, Addias & Reebok everywhere!
Finally at 8.35am it began. We rounded that first corner with the other 894 other runners to be confronted with a massive hill. I told Mick to go on without me and off he jogged into the distance. The first 2.5km I did a combo of the Cliffy Young shuffle/jog & fast walking. After the halfway mark my feet started to really really hurt (damn fallen arches) but I felt my stamina increasing. I noticed that my recovery time had dropped from about 2 minutes of hyperventilating to about 30 seconds of loud puffing. On the way back was one even bigger hill which I strode up with 2 other gals who were going the same pace as me. We made it up the monster hill by marching & singing " A Left A Left A Left Right Left!". Once at the top there was a big sign saying 1 KM TO GO. Just behind me I heard a voice saying "Come on you can make it Only 1 km to go" . I turned around and a middle aged lady (much bigger than me) was there with who I assumed was her PT.
"I'm... just... *puff* going.. to pretend you're... talking ..*puff* to me ok" I said to him.
"No worries" he laughed. So the last km I had a PT by proxy. "It's all down hill ladies" He yelled " We are going to jog the last km. It's not far to go. You can do it!". And so we did.
Mick met me about 50 metres from the end. I did a big sprint at the end to try & pass this 10 year ranga kid & passed the blue mats that beeped your microchip.
THANK GOD! I exclaimed.
"Don't stop!!" Mick yells at me " The actual finish line is around the corner. Still another 20 metres away!!!"
I jogged the last 20 metres and finished.
Official time 44:32 minutes
We quickly hit the water & watermelon tents. I got my J2J official hat to say that I had completed the run.
I was very proud of myself. I've never been in a fun run before let alone done 5km.
We had a big stretch on the beautiful bay & then slowly walked the 15 minutes back to the in-laws.
It seriously took until about 4pm for my face to stop being the colour of a tomato!
You never know maybe next year I'll be fit enough to do the 10km!!


  1. CONGRATS! So proud of you!! What an achievement! You put me to shame lady ;) xx