Friday, June 17, 2011

Sailor Jerry Rum

After almost a full day of driving (no stops at Collectors stores this time *frown * ) The Big Fella, myself & the in-laws hit Coffs Harbour for Mick's uncle's 80th birthday party. I won't bore yawl with the details of the shin-dig. Basically the night involved meeting many many many of Mick's cousins, second cousins, cousin's children & various other extended family members, eating copious amounts of party pies, mini quiches & NSRs (Nannas Sausage Rolls) and something called Impossible Pie and lots of cheek kissing and exclaimations "Ooooo haven't you grown!"
Thankfully we did a pit-stop at Dan Murphys on the way & I got a trusty bottle of Penfolds Merlot 2009 to help lubricate the family conversations & Mick decided to try a dram or two of the Sailor Jerry Rum. It was about $39 for the bottle.
Well me thinks that if Mr "Sailor Jerry" Collins was in the room Mick would have given him a big hug.
Mega thumbs up from The Big Fella. Now I'm no rum aficionado (prefering the grape) but I sampled a nip or two (straight up no ice) & thought it was a really really nice drop.
It is more of a spiced rum with a bit of a honey taste. More like Captain Morgans than Bundy.
Yep I think that DMs will be seeing more of this drink vanishing off its shelves in Kippa-Ring if The Big Fella has his way.


  1. Yep ever since I found out Dan Murphys was selling it Sailor Jerry has been our regular weekend drink. I absolutely LOVE it! I would say the nicest rum I have ever tasted and while I'm no expert I certainly have sampled a few ;)Also, we like collecting the different designs that come on the inside of the label...a good excuse to keep buying and drinking heh

  2. Glad you got some Sailor it's the hubby favourite too but wow !! it's expensive there. Next time I come home I should bring a case full to sell !!! ...hehe...... Visions of explaining why my luggage sloshes to customs .................... hhhmmm