Friday, June 17, 2011

Atomic Martini Prom

Friday night saw me dashing home from work (after calling ahead to The Big Fella to put the hot rollers on so they would be really to go) in a hurry to get to The Atomic Martini Prom. Thankfully I have the hair setting, trowling the makeup on while carefully pulling the side-zip dress down over my rollers routine down pat now.
Unfortunately I couldn't pry my lovely husband out of his comfy and warm spot on the couch so reminiscent of my own high school prom (formal) I headed out alone. (This is not technically true, I actually took my Mum as my date to my high school formal... do not judge me).
After embarrassing myself by going into the wrong hall & interrupting a Fijian funeral wake, Ooops,  I found the correct venue right next door. The huge sign out the front may have been an indicator. Derr.
The first thought that struck me has I walked in to the Heritage Hall at Wooloowin was "WOW. Why has there not been any events held here before??! What a fab venue for a swing dance!". The old church with it's high ceilings & polished wood floors was beautiful. And what a great job Mz Lisa from Atomic Martini did with the decorating. The tres chic multi-tiered 'glass'ware combined with the assortment of mid-century style nibbles and the offering of both 'safe' punch & 'spiked' punch were gold. 
Naturally I had to get myself a glass of bubbly (to complement my fur of course) & was served by a very suave gent in a pastal blue safari suit. I quickly spotted my partner in crime Mz Karie from The Click-Clack Lounge who was channelling vintage couture Dior & managed to have a quick Hello Darling before she dashed off again like a mad woman.
Pretty soon the room filled with quite the array of gussied up guys and gals.  I think that everybody was very excited about having the opportunity to get all Frocked Up & pull out the furs, gloves & costume jewellery.
After a few words by Marty the dapper MC & our hostess with the mostess Lisa it was time for some tunes.
The Sugar Shakers proceeded to add even more ambience to the night and Mz Emma looked amazing in her frock. 
At half time it was time for a fashion parade of prom outfits through the ages. I had terrible flashbacks when they got the the Eighties part.  After this it was time for the crowning of the King & Queen of the Prom and their winning dance.
As I sat sipping on my bubbles I surveyed the fashions in the room with a mix of awe & jealousy.
Sadly, I do not own anything super formal or prommy.
Personally, my jaw hit the drop with a thud when I saw the beautiful Katrina Hill in her (to put it bluntly) freaking incredible green taffetta prom gown. Just magnificent.
Regrettably, like Cinderalla I could not stay at the ball as I had to be up at sparrows to go to Coffs Harbour in the morning so I bid the stylish crowd good-bye.
It was such a glorious evening & it was so nice to be able to get all dressed up in my fur.
Thanks to Lisa & her crew for putting on a wonderful night. The Prom theme was awesome.
I hope it becomes a repeated event.

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