Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Roberts Digital Radio

I have always said to my Mummsy & Bri-Bri that my love can be bought and so keeping this in mind I was the lucky benefactor of an online voucher for the website .
So exciting.
I ordered a few boring yet essential household items but I couldn't resist this fabulous thing. 
It is a Roberts Digital Radio.
The one I got is red but they also come in a nice bottle green and I think a range of pastals.

It arrived yesterday & I must say that it looks rather dandy in our pad. We mucked around with the seemingly millions of stations that it can pick up. I felt like I was back in the old days last night as we ate our dinner whilst listening to 'the talkies'. 
Roberts have heaps of very very cool stuff for sale & from what I can deduce are based in the UK.
I'm hoping that if I plug them enough they may decide to send me more things or even make me the face of their product!
A girl can dream can't she.

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