Friday, July 1, 2011

Disney On Ice

Friday I finished work at midday to take my neices Bailey (age 7) & Milly (age 4) with The Big Fella to see Disney on Ice at The Brisbane Entertainment Centre. I had won tickets via the Quest newspaper.
After an initial mishap with little Miss Milly nearly choking on an overpriced cheero sausage (gave Mick & I a big fright!) we settled in to watch the show. It was fabulous. The ice skating & costumes were amazing.
I also had a ball just watching the reactions of the children around us. Behind us were a couple of aboriginal children who were the most adorable children I have seen & they were SO excited.
Bailey & Milly loved it. Milly loved the 'frincesses' & Bailey liked The Lion King.
The only downside to the show was the price of the merchandise. $15 for a small bag of fairy floss or popcorn! I couldn't believe when I saw parents totally laden down with masses of stuff. They must have spent a fortune.  Good afternoon.  :)

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