Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Rechords Album launch at Brooklyn Standard

It's not often that The Rechords venture up to Queensland
but whenever they do I make sure I get along to see them. 
So I was super stoked when they announced they would be playing at
Brooklyn Standard on October 31!  
They were up to promote their new album "The Rechords Live Rechording".
I have a copy and it is so fantastic. It's almost hard to believe it is a live recording the sound quality is just so clear & crisp.
Want to know how much of a dedicated groupie I am??
The set was from 11pm until 2am and I STILL got out of my pyjamas and went!!
That's how dedicated I am!

Naturally, another social outing calls for a new frock. 
I am doing a fabulous Sew-along with the lovely Miss Dixie O'Dare and so I decided that I would whip up the sew-along frock I wear. 
I got this fantastic arrow fabric from Spotlight on sale.
I just love it.  It has a vintage cartoon Mary Blair Disney vibe to it.
Now, THIS frock isn't my 'official' sew-along frock so I won't do a write up on that yet. 
I have ANOTHER fabric that I want to do my PROPER sew-along with. ....
blog post YTC.

Anyways back to The Rechords show.
It was my first time in Brooklyn Standard & when we arrived the Mojo Webb Blues band were playing.  I've seen them play at Lefty's are they are fantastic.
I really liked the vibe of the venue. It's downstairs in a laneway & has a real speak-easy feel.
It didn't take long for us to secure a booth seat thanks to the surprising swiftness of my eagle eye husband and so we settled in for a few hours of people watching.
Holy moley.
Now keep in mind it was Halloween night in the city.
It is always an eye opener for me when I am surrounded by The Youth of Today. 
As the night wore on I found myself becoming a concerned mother figure for one young gal Caitlyn who slurred to me "Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyy been shrinking ada Octoberfessssss all day. I drunk sooooooo many beeerzzzzzz". She was totally and utterly maggot. I was really concerned for her & I can't for the life of me understand why her friends didn't take her home. She spent all night looking like a zombie from the Walking Dead stumbling around the club stopping occasionally to do a power fist movement to the band & exclaim "Woooo!"
Then there was the young dude who kept nodding off next to hubby. His chin would nearly hit his chest when his eyes would snap open... he'd take another sip of his drink and then doze off again.
But the winner was a young lass who (without trying to sound too snarky) looked like a before contestant on Snog, Marry, Avoid. She was completely off her nut and was half dancing half stumbling around the dance floor. She had on these super high heels & I was terrified she was going to snap her ankle at any moment.  She would do this weird Mick Jaggeresque wobble across the dancefloor with her lips pursed in a permanent duck-face.
She seemed to be having a great time though.  Such a good time she just HAD to get in our selfies.
I wonder if this is how I looked in 1992 at The Gig nightclub after my dozen test tube shots of B52.
Probably. *face palm* I wonder if the lass would have had a big spew out of the taxi door in front of the RBH like I used to every Saturday night. Probably.
Sigh. Youth.
Finally The Rechords came on.
It's so easy to review them because every time I see them it's the same.
2 O'clock in the morning finally comes and it's time to go home.
I feel old and weary.
These days instead of having a chuck I have a noice cup of Earl Grey  and a panadol before crashing into bed.
How things change.
Would I SNOG, MARRY or AVOID?????
Want to see more Rechords stuff? Want to buy some Rechords stuff? Want to hear some stuff?
Just go to their website:

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