Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Dressmaker movie premiere

Friday night myself and a few of the dames from the Brisbane Vintage Mafia hit Palace Centro Cinema in James St for the premiere of the movie The Dressmaker.
In the foyer was an exhibit from "Needlefruit Sewing Lounge" Paddington.

Needlefruit is a sewing lounge and haberdasher who offer classes for first timers and the skilled.

It was so awesome to meet Christina from Needlefruit. I'm really going to have to get myself over to Paddington to suss out their shop because it looks and sounds incredible!!
Then it was time for the movie.  After a couple of hiccups from the projectionist it began.
I can't really say much about the actual storyline of the film because that would spoil it I think.
Woman goes back to the country town of her youth to find the answers to her past.

It's a strange film. Again, it's hard to explain without giving away the plot.
It starts like a slap stick comedy and through-out it felt like it could have been a stage play.
It was very exaggerated acting. Over the top.
Then in the second act the theme abruptly changes to a very macabre drama only to return to a bizarre black comedy in the third act.
It's a very DARK film.

BUT THE COSTUMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OH MY GOD THE COSTUMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Absolutely divine. The BVM were in raptures of sighs and groans of exquisite delight. 
If you love fashion of the 1950s you will be in ecstasy watching this movie.
Simply stunning. Beautiful. Glorious. Gorgeous.
Stand out outfits for me were Tilly's navy & white golfing outfit WITH TEE HOLDERS (!) , the dress worn by the mayor's wife to the wedding with feathered cap and the wedding dress.


Judy Davis as the mother Molly was just fantastic and the absolute stand out for me.
I just LOVED her character.
Kate as Tilly was beautiful but I found her acting a bit flat.
Liam Hemsworth as Teddy was almost TOO attractive if that is possible. I mean seriously nobody is THAT good looking !!!!
Darcy Wilson who plays the young Tilly was amazing. What a great little actress.

There were plenty of 'laugh out loud' moments and also lots of "holy shit" moments too.

I'm interested to know how different it is to the book because it is a real mix of a genres.
Super light hearted and silly in parts and then suddenly very sombre and gruesome the next.

Vicki rating 7/10
 This is mainly for the set design and costuming which is simply spectacular.

I wore a light grey cotton day dress with pastel lemon yellow collar, buttons & pocket detail made from Vintage Vogue V9000. I love this pattern and this style of frock.

I found this image on Pinterest a while ago and it was my inspiration for the frock.

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  1. Vicki, your dress is divine!!! I would have loved to come with all you beauties, and I'm so glad you all went out and had such a lovely time together. Especially seeing Mae out and about again with you all....happy days!! I keep coming back to your dress is so lovely, the colour combination is perfection on you!