Tuesday, December 9, 2014


The thorn between to style roses
Last night I had the extreme pleasure of attending the book launch of "Style is Eternal" by Nicole Jenkins at Avid Reader Book Store at West End.
Nicole Jenkins, fashion specialist and award-winning author. SQUEAL !!!!!
I had met Nicole once at Wintersun in 2010 at the Great Australian Bake off (I came second) and I believe I drunkenly gushed in her face about how much I loved her dress later that night at the
Civic Centre.
I have been creepily stalking her on social media and her blog ever since.
Unfortunately, because I am as useless as a chocolate teapot I missed out on buying her FIRST book "Love Vintage" so when I heard she had released ANOTHER book, I stomped my widdle foot and declared insanely to the world "Not this time my friend!"
It was also the perfect opportunity to wear my DEADSTOCK (yes I'm boasting) 1940s navy white & red rayon frock with the cute as pocket details & fabbo matching belt......that I bought a while ago.
I must have REALLY wanted to see Nicole & get a signed copy of the book because I hate parking in West End.  It only took my 15 laps around the block to score a park.
Totes worth it though....Awesome.
If you are a lover of books of all kinds. Quirky, historical, coffee table books about all manner of weird shit or just want to buy a really cool unique gift for someone you just got to go to Avid.
As soon as I walk in I sigh in book ecstasy. I just want to curl up in a corner & never leave.
That or spend $10,000 on all the books.
Their website is:  http://avidreader.com.au/
The Fashionistas
A group of around 30 of us all assembled to listen to Nicole talk about her fascinating past and how her passion for fashion & textiles  has bought her to this point where she has published two books and runs a fabulous vintage clothing store in Melbourne. 
This was followed by Q&A time where the enthralled audience could pummel Nicole with questions about her collections, her opinions and her experiences.
I asked a couple of questions but mainly just sat there sweating in the humidity (did I tell you how much I hate summer?!) and gazing up at Nicole with utter wonderment.
Not only is Nicole one of the NICEST people I've ever met. She is a beautiful public speaker and seriously  THE GURU of style and the YODA of the history of Australian fashion.
If you love all things stylish & find yourself wailing "I've got nothing to wear!!!"...

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  1. Thanks Vicki - it was wonderful to see you last night. Enjoy reading "Style is Eternal" xxx