Monday, December 8, 2014


Wow I've just realised that I haven't blogged in bloody AGES! Haven't I been a slack arse?!!
On Saturday I hosted a lovely ladies luncheon at the gorgeous Dragonfly Café at Eden Gardens Nursery  at Carseldine.
The dress code was Springtime Floral so what better place than a nursery!
I decided to put on this luncheon for a couple of reasons. 
The main reason is that frankly, I just love a good frock up & whacking on a lovely vintage hat and this gave me the excuse I needed.
The other reason is that a good portion of my simply divine friends have had a year that can be pretty much summed up in one word:
"Vicki" I thought "What makes you feel chipper when you've had a crap time of it?"
"Vicki" I replied " Getting tarted up & eating cheesecake with a bunch of beautiful looney chicks always helps."
"Brilliant idea Vickster. Get on it".
Thanks to the miracle of Facey-Bees I invited a stack of dames who fit this description and wallah!
I also wanted to chuck a shin-dig to say Happy Birthday and well, gosh darn it I just love ya guts to Mz Lisa of Atomic Martini Vintage who has been such a sick rad friend to me and helped me out no end, what with the fashion parades for my fundraisers, basically listening to me crap on about shit & giving me the BEST hugs ever.
Although we had our own private section of the large café, the ladies caused a bit of a stir with the other patrons whose murmurs of "What's that all about then eh?" and " Ooooooooo look how preeeeeeety they are" and " My mother used to dress like that. So beautiful" could be heard above the chattering & laughter of our motley yet glamorous crew.
All the ladies looked so beautiful & really did go all out with their wonderful outfits and hats.
The ever stylish Mz Kim organised a Secret Santa which was fantastic and added a bit more fun to the day.  It was also awesome because you just knew that no matter what you picked it was going to be amazing because everyone in it has fabulous similar tastes.
My 'not so secret' Santa pressie.
We had our own brilliant (patient) waitresses who kept the drinkies coming while avoiding flailing arms.  The food service was quick and the meals were freaking DELICIOUS! I had the prosciutto, poached pear salad with blue cheese and it was HUGE and super yummy.
Perfect for a hot summer day.
After lunch it was time for a bit of a surprise... It had been Mz Lisa's birthday on the previous Monday so all the ladies chucked in & we got a gluten free (healthy) mud cake & raspberry cheesecake, some candles & sang Happy Birthday. 
I made a bit of a speech about how grouse we all reckon Mz L is.
She may have teared up a smidge. Sooky La La.
Afterward we all sat around for ages, drinking coffee and wine while talking shit about vintage clothing, hats, future outings & events that we have to organise and how 2015 is going to be a
metric shit-ton better than 2014.
At 5pm the waitresses started giving us the evil eye as they wanted to piss off home so we ended our lovely day. 
Besides the stupid horrible humidity (have I mentioned how much I HATE summer!) the day was PERFECT. 
The function manager & the staff at The Dragonfly Café were fantastic! They kept everyone's drinks topped up and kept the tables nice & cleared.  I found the food to be delicious & really reasonably priced. We also scored a free Gardenia plant per table!!
Our "Sullivans" serious photos
I feel so very blessed to know a bunch of women who not only possess beautiful style, are intelligent and down to earth but are also filthy dirty moles who will one minute be discussing the beauty of Bakelite bangles and then suddenly talk about farts & boobs.

Thank you so much for our very own paparazzi dame Sue for taking heaps of great photos!!


  1. it was an absolutely fabulous day. thank you Mz Vicki xx

  2. You need to go into events management, PR and writing full time, Mz Vicki - Thanks for organising this for us dames and gals - we all had a ball! xxx Addy

    1. Oh Addy. I love you so much even though you are a wife beating thief with great boobs xoxoxoxo

  3. Thank You Mz Vicki! It was a fabulous day, now I can't wait till the next event. Any excuse to frock up is a good one!

    1. It was so awesome to finally meet you in the flesh !!!

  4. Awww, makes me wish I lived in Queensland!!

  5. Wow looks like you all had a lovely time, and you and the ladies looks so beautiful!