Wednesday, July 16, 2014



I've been slack as with this blog. This is mainly because I've been feeling really apathetic and well, boring as petrified shit.  This is now going to change. I am going to blog at least once a week.
Lucky you (insert sarcasm font)

SO I realised this morning that I haven't even blogged about the social event of the decade that I hosted way back on May 24th "The Hifallutin Dinner Dance supporting beyond blue".

How slack is THAT?! Didn't even blog about my own event.

I'll summarise the night:

The night raised $5000
for beyondblue!!!

West Texas Crude played & were freaking awesome (as usual)
Swing-a-billy Ray D J'd & was fantastic and had everybody boogeying their little buns off all night!
Atomic Martini Vintage put on the fashion parade which was flipping GORGEOUS.  Have I told you how much I love Mz Lisa who runs it?
Camille Caroline the young ambassador from beyondblue spoke and was so sweet and super inspirational. For a chick who suffers from crippling social anxiety she sure does an amazing job at public speaking.
The Sugarfaces photobooth was totally hilarious and so much fun. Once again a HUGE hit.
The raffle prizes were incredible and numerous. In all there were 35 packs of stellar awesomeness.
The dance floor was packed all night!

The stunning and oh-so handsome models for the Atomic Martini Vintage fashion parade

Everybody who came told me that they had an absolute BALL and people are already onto me to do it again next year!! YIKES !

It was just so cool to look out over the crowd and see everybody laughing, smiling and dancing and having a wonderful joyous time. Besides the fundraising element this is the real reason I like to put on events. In a world that can sometimes be well, shithouse, it's nice to have a night out where you can let your hair down & dance around while frocked up and laugh like a banshee.

I also just LURVE how my vintage obsessed friends use the night as an excuse to get really frocked UP in some of the most divine vintage formal wear you will see.

The Bramble Bay Bowls club is such a crackin' venue and the management & staff are just so great to deal with. They just can't do enough for you.

I simply could NOT put this event on without lots of help.
I give huge shout outs to my super brilliant father in-law Mick for running the raffles. 
Thank you to all the companies and people who donated good to the raffle packs.
SugarFaces Photobooth for the wicked fun booth & props.
The beautiful Joey for being my door wench.
My husband for putting up with my stress tanties. 
Say CheeseCakePhotography and Angeline Sees Photography for being the event photographers.
Thank you to my Mum and Mother in law for helping set up the room

and of course there wouldn't even BE a night if nobody came so thank you to everybody who came & supported the night.

Camille the beyondblue youth ambassador speaker

Joey my beautiful door wench

The love of my life my husband Mick aka The Big Fella

My brilliant father in-law Mick aka Super Salesman

I'm in two minds about whether I will do it again. It's a lot of stress (self imposed) and I also feel kind of funny about asking people to donate every year.

To help me decide, I am after some feedback about the night.
I would like suggestions on what I could do to improve the night.
Should I have it again?
Is it too expensive?
Is the venue ok?
Food ok?
More fundraising ideas that we could do on the night?
Ticketing system?
etc etc.
PLEASE email me on


Again, I'm sorry I've been a sluggish blogger. I hope you'll forgive me.
Stay tuned for more frequent awe inspiring blog posts about random shite.
To see more photos from the night just go to the event Facebook page:


  1. Vicki it looks like you did a wonderful job! If you do it again next year I think I will make the trip up for the night as it is such a great cause and it looks like everyone had a brilliant time! x

  2. If I do have it again you should totally come up for it. :)