Thursday, March 20, 2014


Last night I completed a blouse I have been working on.
I really liked the floral pattern on this fabric & it is a lovely soft cotton.
I am a sucker for a Peter Pan collar. I just love 'em.  It's bloody hard to actually find a blouse pattern with a PP collar though.
I came across this one when I was pouring over the sewing pattern books at Lincraft's latest ALL PATTERNS ONLY $5 SALE (hyperventilates) and thought I would give it a crack.
Plus, it had those wondrous words on it

It took me this whole week to make it. Doing about 2 hours a night.  It was pretty easy but I won't say it was FAST.  The collar was a bit of a shit to do but the rest of it wasn't too bad.
When I finished it and tried it on I thought it looked a bit shapeless & wonky and didn't really fit all that well.
The cut of it doesn't do much for me but it doesn't look too bad when it is tucked in.
I don't think I will make this one again.

I Never-Never Landed the shit out of it
Being the little rebel that I am I thought "Stuff it. It's Friday let's be crazy" and wore it in to work today...
Because that's how I roll. 
I got lots of compliments at the coffee shop & some very self esteem boosting gasps of "You made it?! That is awesome!! " which of course, made my head swell up to twice its size.
(I was also happy because last night's hair set turned out quite noice too)

I've got the tiny legs
So, my next sewing project will be the Sewing for Victory thing.
I went through my patterns last night & realised that I all of my patterns are distinctly 1950s ..... except one.
So, just to give you a hint....
My inspiration for the project will be The Women's Land Army (1942-1945)
I'm off to Lincraft this afternoon. Sweeeeeeeeet.
Have a great weekend everybody!

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