Sunday, February 2, 2014

No time to say Hello, Good-bye I'm late I'm late I'm late.

My brain is full again.  It once again feels like I am in a small room with 20 talk back radio stations all turned on but playing different stations in my mind.

Work out eating menu for next week- Write shopping list - Don't eat sugar - Do food shopping - Put away shopping - Relax - Wash Clothes - Clean up House - Count calories - Sew - Write Blog  - Eat too much bread - Geocaching - Relax- Visit the in-laws - Watch Movie - Write Blog post - Feel guilty about not visiting inlaws - Read book - Prepare lunches for week - Don't eat fat - Put clothes away - Cook Dinner - Do the washing up - Wash hair - Worry that I've eaten too much bread - Shave legs - Crave Ben & Jerrys - worry about money - Relax - Nap - Do some Exercise - Drink more Coffee - Go to Yoga - Walk Dogs - Weed Garden - Be Grateful - Socialise with friends - Stop drinking so much coffee - Visit my family - Dye hair - Relax - Go to work - Go to the doctor - Drink more water - Check oil & water in car - Walk - Don't eat so much fruit. - Clean & vacuum car - Book into mole scan


When I'm like this I just want to sleep.
There is not enough hours, minutes, seconds in the day.
Not enough TIME to do ALL THE THINGS.
Too much to think about.
Don't eat this.
Do eat this.
Family, Friends, Husband, Chores, Hobbies, Exercise, Eating, Sleeping.
Craving for blessed apathy.
Craving for nothingness.
Craving for stillness in my mind.
I don't know how people with children cope.
What must it be like to be a person who doesn't give a shit?

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