Sunday, June 30, 2013

27. ParaNorman (2012)

I just love Claymation films. There is something about the fact that each tiny little thing is literally hand crafted bit by bit that really appeals to me. 
ParaNorman is made by the same people that made Coraline. I didn't really like Coraline that much but ParaNorman is fantastic. I felt Coraline lacking in humour and I thought it was a bit boring.
Do not be fooled by the PG rating I would not let the littlies watch this. Lots of adult undertones & lots of scary stuff eg Zombies, more zombies and a freaky cloud witch.

Not only is the animation awesome but 'other' stuff is worth noting . The retro style zombie posters on Norman's bedroom wall, the billboards in the town, artwork in the credits and OMG the song playing at the end with the credits! If I were in charge of the marketing I would reproduce the bedroom wall posters and even Norman's slippers. A set of zombie figurines would also be rad.

It is brilliantly funny. It's full of dark dark humour. The secondary characters are hilarious but even the characters that are only in the film for about 30 seconds are kooky & cool. (NOTE the school kid in the green tracksuit is great).

The storyline is nice but I thought that it was weird that Norman only 'sees' dead people at the start. Where did the ghosts go for the rest of the movie? I really thought they would help him.


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