Saturday, May 18, 2013

25. The Sessions (2012)

What is it with me wanting to watch movies about people with disabilities lately?!
As I wrote in my last review, I love movies that are 'honest'.
Particularly films about 'touchy' subjects. Like ones that ask the question "How the heck do severely disable people have sex??"
The Sessions is very much in your face candid.
This is based on a true story about poet Mark O'Brien who is paralysed by polio from the neck down. He is played by John Hawkes who is absolutely incredible.
Helen Hunt (who I am not a fan of) is the sex surrogate he hires to lose his virginity to and to teach him about sex.
William H Macy (who I love) is the priest with whom Mark confesses his feelings & fears to.
These sessions are in themselves hilarious but always with an undercurrent of despair.
The movie is everything. Blunt, funny, sad, beautiful, poetic and lovely.
The sex scenes are very explicit but are a far from being crass and obscene.
By the end of the film, like the female leads, you can't help but fall in love with Mark.
I was a complete blubbering mess by the end. Not because of sadness but because it was just so wonderful.

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