Saturday, April 6, 2013

23. Lawless (2012)

OK. Tom Hardy (swooon), Guy Pearce, Gary Oldman AND screen play by Nick Cave... Yep I was expectly alot. Yes I know it also stars Shia LaBeouf but he doesn' do much for me.
For most of this film Shia looks all pouty and like he is about to cry.
This is based on a true story about the Bondurant brothers who were moonshine runners in the 1930s.
I really really like this movie. Jeez Louise it is full-on violet so if you don't like blood I wouldn't watch this. The lovey dovey scenes gave me the irrits a bit and I didn't like the red-head sheila much I thought she wore way too much red lipstick for a 1930s depression era movie and I didn't think her hair was period accurate but I could be wrong.
Guys Pearce is awesome as the cruel & barbaric Special Deputy Charley Rakes. I wish there would been more of Gary Oldman but this was made up by the eye candy which is Tom Hardy as Forrest Bondurant. He rarely does anything more than grunt & beat the shit out of people but..... my my my.
Besides, me drooling over Mr Hardy & whincing at the brutal violence I really did like the film.
The soundtrack is great too with a stack of cool bluegrass like Ralph Stanley.
The story is really interesting.

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