Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I was in the Virgin Islands once. I met a girl. We ate lobster, drank piña coladas. At sunset, we made love like sea otters. - Groundhog Day

Just a quick post today. Last night I had my sewing class. Once again totes awesome. I learnt how to do GATHERING. (comedy line of the week goes to TBF for suggesting that I must now be a qualified HUNTER & GATHERER  LOL ) .
Last night there was only the two of us so I got to get a bit more one on one time with Brenda.
In addition to learning shit-loads about the art of sewing, Jan & Brenda are also providing me with some guidance counselling & last night while we were cutting out and learning about how to do darts these two lovely ladies gave me career advice. I was saying to Brenda that it is just so awesome that she is making a living by doing something that she loves & is passionate about. I'm so jelly.

I commented that I have never really known what the hell I wanted to do for a crust and have really just floated along. In highschool I was too busy getting pissed at sticks-parties, smoking durries out the back of the library and bleaching my jeans to give a crap about what I wanted to be when I grew up.
So now I'm 40 and I STILL have no idea. Being a book-keeper is ok. It pays the bills and allows me to surf the net & write this blog.


I dress nice and make an effort to not look like a slob.
I'm funny as hell. Cheeky and a bit of a smartarse.
I've got fab customer service skills even when the customer is being a dick.
I make a great cup of coffee.
I love organising stuff and am great at getting people's shit in order.
I don't smoke durries so I won't be ducking outside for a fag every hour.
I can touch type like mofo.
I have initiative and don't sit around like a blob waiting for someone to direct me.
I have very neat handwriting and used to win competitions in school for it.
I am qualified in Quickbooks book-keeping.
I am neat... but not so neat that I would be considered a freak. I do, however, insist that the pages line up perfectly before stapling them together.
I'm a people person. Except when they are rude then I am a hater.
I have rhythm. Who could ask for anything more?

One day I will find my calling.

You seriously CANNOT go wrong with a combination of gingham AND ric-rak.
(you can't really tell but it also has POCKETS)

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