Sunday, February 10, 2013

Take my Hand. We'll make it I Swear. Livin' On a Prayer.

Whoa nelly what a huge weekend!
TBF & I sprang out of bed early (and by sprang I mean groaned, farted and rolled out) and hit the Sandgate Parkrun. I blasted about 3 minutes off my previous time. I put this down to the fact that it wasn't searing friggin heat (like last time) and I didn't eat before hand. It was actually quite mild and it rained a bit during the run which was bloody lovely. I did have a mild panic attack at the start when I realised that my ipod was flat and I would have to run without *shock horror* music. I think I did pretty good considering I only had the sound of my raspy heaving breath to keep the beat.

Later in the arvo it was time to set the hair & pile on the slap and get ready to hit
I decided to take Mummsy as my date as she's been having a bit of a rough trot.
It was so awesome for us gals to get all frocked up to the max and hit the town.
I was uber excited as it gave me an excuse to purchase a frock from Pin Up Girl Clothing that I've had my eye on for a while. Nice.
We hit the convention centre & eventually found the Plaza Ballrooom. BLOODY HELL!
Our jaws hit the floor. All sparkley lights hanging down, photobooths!!!!! , canapes, large weird glowing white ball things and photo areas. We grabbed ourselves a drink and found ourselves a spot to people perv.  HOLY SHITBALLS It was like we were at some fancy-schamsy post Oscars party or at a VIP Vogue fashion week party because everyone and I mean EVERYONE looked amazing. I ran out of adjectives after swooning "Fabulous. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Stunning" and ended up just sighing.

Mishy baby finally rocked up and the awards were handed out. The transformation of some of these people is just astounding. After the awards though, it was time to PART-AYYYYY!
The DJ kept everyone boogeying all night with a real mix of modern stuff and some older stuff.
As the night went on (& the champers flowed) the crowd totally let loose.
I was so so so happy to meet heaps of people who I chat to on facebook and a stack of you crazy loons who read my blog. Thank you so much for your kind words. It makes me so happy to think my wacky blog brings a smile to your faces. YOU ROCK!!!

I busted out some totally sick rad moves with a stack of totally awesome 12wbt peeps. Big shout-out MUST go to Belinda who was my dancing partner to all the nineties music. I felt like I was back at Transformers nightclub in 1991 (but without the galliano knock-backs & podium dancing) ! 
Belinda is frickin HIL-AR-IOUS and that girl knows how to push it push it REAL good! LOL
Belinda, Me & Mummsy bustin' a move.
I think the biggest dancing highlight for me was Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer". The crowd went NUTS. So much emotion and fist pumping the sky in the chorus. Brilliant!!
I got to meet some of my 12wbt heros too. These chicks are also blogging nutters but the difference is that they totally kick ARSE when it comes to fitness, motivation and well, they are such unbelievable role models. I was squealing like a 11 year old at a One Direction concert when I saw my super hero blogging women.
"Oh my god Mum LOOK!! It's Sailor Vee, Sarah McGee and Coco-Butter (Kate). Oh My GOD. Who are they?? Mum they are AMAZING. I gotta get my photo with them. Sarah is like a 12wbt LEGEND! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!"
Yep I was a total embarrasment.
Sailor Vee, Coco-Butter & Moi

The Blogging Divas

Sarah the legend
Of course the lure of the photoboothes was too hard to resist & Mummsy & I quickly jumped in and had some pics taken. Later in the night after a mad session of dancing to Ice Ice Baby with a bunch of crazy 12wbt gals we all piled into the booth. (more photo booth photos yet to come)
Finally it was all over & time to get a very tired Mummsy & I home again. We had THE BEST night with a room filled with the most incredible beautiful funny fabulous 12wbters.
I feel so blessed that I have met these crazy women through doing this programme and even though I am not signing up to do further rounds I look forward to keeping contact with these awesome chicky-babes!
Another fabulous pin up gal wearing the SAME dress as me but in green!
Leanne another 12wbt LEGEND!!!!

J.F.D.I !!!!


  1. OMFGOMFG - I am so sorry I missed the shindig....Ms V you look sooooo skinny and glam, and your mum does too - what a lucky woman to have you as a daughter xx
    It looks like an absolute blast - and the thought of shaking my lilly to Ice Ice Baby has me in a twirl!!!!!!
    I'm so glad you had a brilliant time, and met so many of the awesome folks that do that weight loosing crappola.
    Oh and ta for adding a linky thingo so we can both earn squillions for blogging and retire to a granny flat at the back of Michelle Bridges place and shamelessly call at her back door every day looking for a cup of sugar........ Or was that a strange dream I had last week after an overdose of chocolate malteeser bunnies...........
    You are the one - the glam one!!!!!

  2. OMG, I am so embarrassed at the way I accosted you at the party!!! I am soooo sorry and could see it in your eyes "who is this looney attacking me?!?" Quite honoured my photo made it onto your blog (if not so you could identify me & get me committed!).
    Anyway, was lovely to meet you in the flesh & your gorgeous Mum too. You looked absolutely stunning! The way you reacted to Sailer Vee, Kate & Sarah, was how I felt about meeting YOU!!
    Cheers, Julie x

    P.S. You asked for my blog address -

  3. HAHAHA Jules ya bloody duffer I certainly WAS NOT thinking "who is this looney?" I was thinking "omg how does this person know who I am?!" It was so awesome meeting you. You looks so awesome. What a great night eh?! I'm now following/ stalking your blog now too :)

  4. fowspaws I was totes goin orf. I knew all the words to Ice Ice Baby which impressed EVERYBODY I'm sure. STOP. COLLABERATE AND LISTEN!
    Mummsy was hilarious. She got on the champers (she rarely drinks) and was very impressive with her dancing to Moves Like Jager.
    PS: how dare you mention Malteeser Bunnies! now I can't stop thinking about chocolate. I'm going to HAVE to have a new KitKat Mint this arvo now and IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!

  5. Absolutely cracker of a post and such fun photos. And you Vicki look totally gorgeous.


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  7. Hiy,
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your photobooth and hoping to attempt something similar for my wesite.

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