Friday, February 8, 2013

13. LOOPER (2012)

I added Looper onto my list for a number of reasons.

1. Bruce Willis. Man I love Bruce. He's spunky. He's just so freaking cool and a spunk-rat.
2. I'm a sucker for novels & movies set in a dystopian future. I love seeing what people's ideas of what the future will be. Plagues, Hunger Games, Mutant Flus ... love it. How come the future is always complete shit though?
3. I like weird time travel distorted reality sci-fi movies eg: Memento, Inception. In other words, movies that make you THINK.

I thought Looper was great. Not awesome but really good. I must say that during the movie I had to ask hubby to pause the movie a number of time while I wrapped my brain around the time travel plot.
"So if he does this then he won't be able to come back but then he did come back so in the future he must not do this ... but then how can he do that??!"
Hubby had to spell it out to me like a teacher explaining algerba to a preschool kid.
"Ooohhhhh . OK press play again".
Joseph Gordon-Levitt really nails the speech & idiosyncrasies of a young Bruce Willis including the fake nose LOL.
The little boy is really really good. His real name is Pierce Gagnon and I thought his acting was awesome. Scary little bastard.

This is quite a good time travel film and action movie. I liked the concept of it.
Very enjoyable ... a wee bit hard to follow in parts but .....


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