Monday, January 28, 2013

Big Mick's Hirsute Pursuit


Today's post is a big shout out to my big hunka spunka husband Mick, otherwise known as TBF or The Big Fella. On New Years Eve 2011 he decided that he wanted to raise money for MS Research.
How?  Well by NOT shaving for 12 months!
He's the only person I know who can come up with a way to raise money for a great cause but doing literally NOTHING. LOL.

On Saturday we had the BIG SHAVE OFF and after a last minute bidding war it was recorded that my man had raised $2601.

A group of us gathered at 5 O'Clock Shadow Barbershop at Margate for the big shave. It was great as most of us got a crack at shaving or cutting a bit of his beard off.  The kids loved it.


I'm a lucky lucky girl. He's lucky that he has a wifey who loves a hairy man. I've got to say that even though he's a total spunk-rat no matter how much fluff he has on his face I much prefer the lumber-jack look on the Big Fella.

Thank you to everyone that supported him on his Hirsuite Pursuit.

For more information on MS & MS Research go to:

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