Monday, January 14, 2013

All right Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up

Well I've done it. I've FINALLY done something that has been on my list of goals for years.
No, unfortunately it isn't getting a sensual massage from Tom Hardy & Jean Dujardin (mmmmmmm)
No, it isn't my goal of having a dinner party with Stephen Fry, Karl Pilkington and Bill Murray catered by Heston Blumenthal.
It is, in fact, getting a PIN UP gal photography shoot done.
Now, you would think that having been in the 'vintage' 1950s acficionado scene for 500 years that I would have had multiple shoots done. 
Oh I'm great at the selfie taken in my brightly lit bathroom and then run through 10 iphone apps that smooth all those pesky wrinkles out, then turning up the contrast so it looks like I am white as a sheet then filtered through Instagram but I've never actually gone to a proper studio, been made over by A Professional and been posed so as to hide my lumpy bits.
When I heard that my favourite pin up photographer BEXERITY PIN UP PHOTOGRAPHY was finally pulling her finger out and starting a studio in Brissy (not only in Brisbane but on the north side at Chermside!!!)   I lost my shit and immediately booked a shoot.
You just GOTTA go to her website & look at the before & after shots.
(don't look at MY before photo though. It is some nasty shit)
From the moment I entered the blissfully airconditioned studio I felt totally at ease.
When choosing what sort of shots to get I decided to go with SAUCY YET CLASSY.
I also included some family heirlooms in the photos. In the pics with the blue dressing gown I am wearing TBF's grandmother's necklace & earrings and in the military shots I am wearing my Great Grandmother's earrings and the photos on the ground are of my Grand parents.
I had such a great time and it was hard to choose out of all the awesome shots.
When I get the rest of the pics I will post them on here.
 I cannot recommend Bex (and her gorgeous side-kick ) highly enough.
She even put up with my whinging about not being able to stand up properly on high heels and my grunting as I tried to suck in my back fat while trying to look all sultry.
So that's one goal I can cross of the list: Having a 1950s cheesecake pin up shot in my Reg Grundies.
Now where can I find Tom Hardy's phone number?

I'm stuffed if I know how people can walk in these heels !!!!
I could barely stand!


  1. You look hifaluutin freaking lubbery in them photos.....holy shit sista, you are as skinny as........Truly beautiful, and kudos for doing it and looking so goddam secksie!!!!!!!
    Woot fecking woot!!!!! ( that was from my husband lol)

  2. Smoking photos Vikki!