Saturday, January 19, 2013


OK I'll get this out of the way from the start.
I LOVE ANIMATION. LOVE IT. So I couldn't WAIT to see this movie.
Is it any good though?
OMG It is awesome. It is SO SO SO funny. As usual with me I really love the secondary characters.
In this film I just loved the zombie staff, the gremlin (?) husband and wife and the thing that reads the bingo numbers.

Right from the start I had a big smile on my face and there are numerous laugh out loud moments.
Once again my movie knowledge ignorance shone through because imagine my surprise to find out that ADAM SANDLER (one of the actors on my most hated list) does the voice of Dracula!!
You would never know.
Steve Buscemi as the were wolf is excellent.
I would love to have some toys from the movie especially the zombies. It has a couple of slightly scary moments for little ones but not many.

I was only going to give this film 4 stars but due to the fact that I am dying to get to the shops and buy a copy of this movie so I can watch it over & over makes me give it more.
As soon as I finished watching it I wanted to watch it again straight away.
I reckon you'd find more & more funny things in it with each watch.

5 STARS Bleh bleh bleh !!!

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