Thursday, January 31, 2013

All I have to say about that is "asphinctersayswhat".

Since doing IVF last year my legs have been aching and hurting like the billy-os. I've always had, on & off, aching legs like 'growing pains' over the years but this has been constant. The weird thing is that I have points on my body that ... well to put it bluntly.... friggin hurt. If you touch parts on my legs, even really lightly, it feels like someone is stabbing me with filed to a point chopsticks. Not nice.

So last Tuesday I toddled off to the doctor to get some bloody answers.
I had a blood test to test for YOU NAME IT.
A week later & I got a letter to say that the doctor wanted to see me about my results.
I wasn't worried... I was happy. Thank God something IS wrong with me and I'm not just imagining the shitty acheyness. When I booked in the nurse mentioned something had turned up with regards to my thyroid. Naturally, I immediately Googled every possible health issue regarding thyroid issues and youtubed every episode of Dr Oz (the world's greatest doctor who has ALL the answers).
"That's It!" I exclaimed to the exasperated Big Fella " I am SURE I have hypothyroidism!! Look at the symptoms.. LOOOOOOOK !"
TBF must have then gotten some dust in his eye because he rolled them in a rather exaggerated manner. "How about you just wait until you speak to the doctor?" He advised to ignoring ears.

Fast forward twenty four hours.
"Thanks for coming in Vicki. The results of your blood tests show a low thryroid function but not low enough to require medication. No rheumatoid arthritis. B levels fine. Iron levels fine.
So I believe that what you have is FIBROMYALGIA."
I started praying "Please please please let there be a pill that will take the pain away & the side effect is weight loss & an increase in attractiveness and libido. Pleeeeeeeease"
"Unfortunately Vicki there is no cure for Fibro. Basically the only thing that will help is walking. You MUST exercise for a MINIMUM of 30 minutes everyday. It doesn't need to be too much just walking is fine. Yoga and Tai Chi is really good too. Eat healthy foods. Get enough sleep."
Well that sucks. Where's my bloody magic cure-all pill gawd-dammit! *sulky face*
Well at least I can now put a name to what I have instead of just calling it "That Fucking Terrible Pain in my Legs AAAArrrrrrrrrr SHIT my LEGS ARE ACHINNNNGGGGGGGG pain"
Anyone know where I can get some Bile Beans?

Fibromyalgia is a name given to a group of symptoms marked by generalised pain and muscle stiffness. These symptoms can be felt in all different areas of the body. Extreme fatigue (tiredness) and sleep problems are also common in fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia does not cause inflammation but seems to be due to an over active pain system. Fibromyalgia is different to polymyalgia rheumatica, a type of arthritis in which symptoms are felt more in the muscles.
Fibromyalgia is a term used to describe a cluster of symptoms that may include widespread pain and tenderness in ‘trigger points’ on the body that are abnormally sore to touch.


  1. Omg! Thats terible Vicki. Not good at all. I have known a few people with this and they normallyend up work parttime or not at all. Try different things as everyone finds different things that work for them eg: gf diet etc.
    Keep your chin up honey.
    Love n hugs M

  2. Luckily Maria I don't have it as bad as some people who I've spoken to who are nearly bloody CRIPPLED with it. At least I know what it is. Stoopid getting older. *sulks*

  3. My lovely vicks - something we have in common. Fibromyalgia sucks. No-one truly understands that when you say 'if I just touch here lightly on my arm (leg, torso etc) it hurts - hurts like there's an open wound and someone's pouring 100% proof on it.
    I also have the same aversion to exercise as you do - getting out and about invigorates my mind and metabolism but can hurt my body. It's a win / no win situation. Good thing I like a wee bit of pain or I'd be locked away from too much complaining.
    I love you blog ... I'm off for a short walk xxx D

  4. oH NO MY DARLING DANA! You have the ouchies as well!
    It feels like FOREVER since I've seen your pretty face.
    Stay naughty ;)