Friday, December 7, 2012

2. The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Well I just finished watching The Dark Knight Rises. It was hard to watch it and not compare it to "The Dark Knight" which after watching this, I think "The Dark Knight" is a FAR superior movie.

Now I KNOW that this is a comic and you need to suspend reality but I just found it to be SO very predictable.  I did like Bain as a baddy (loved the voice) but I'm not sure if this was because I just kept visulising Tom Hardy (hubba hubba) under that mask.  I thought he was a pretty rad bad guy.

I must admit I was pretty dissapointed in "Cat Woman". She really wasn't Cat Woman at all except for the fact that she was a "cat" burglar and wore tight black clothes. Again I couldn't help but compare her to Michelle Pfeiffer's brilliant super super sexy cat woman or even Julie Newmar. I just find Anne Hathaway really boring and AS one dimensional as a piece of wet cardboard.

It was also surprising to see Ben Mendelsohn. It's always good to see an Aussie actor getting good roles in big budget films.

Without giving away anything I must say I was impressed by a few surprises I didn't see coming but most of the time I was saying "I bet this will happen" and it did.

In saying this I didn't think the movie was total shit. It is a crackin' good action film & the special effects were great. It would have been pretty cool to see on the big screen.
It wasn't totally disspointing just really really wanky in lot of places. I found myself slappin my forhead going "Oh bloody hell!" alot.

Good movie.. not great.

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