Monday, May 14, 2012

Crunchy Granola Knees

So I bounced out of bed on Sunday (Mother's Day). My furry four legged children wished me a happy mother's day & I hit the gym to do my final Round One fitness challenge.
A Triathlon.
X-Trainer then Rower then Bike then Treadmill.
I was all syched and had even bought myself one of those you-beaut ipod shuffle thingies. They are the size of a stamp & hold about 1000 songs. I downloaded my ultimate running playlist of about 30 songs.
All totally bitchin' heavy on the drum beat and mostly angry music. I clipped that little sucker onto my fancy $5 Best N Less singlet & got it goin' orn!
10 minutes on the X-Trainer (ska music cranked for this)
2km on the Rower (a bit of Gorillaz, Phrase & Presets to set the pace)
Then I managed somehow to power through 12 (count 'em) 12 kilometres on the bike. My quads were screaming at me but I turned up the volume, fast forward to the pychobilly music & pushed it out.
I practically fell off the bike had a bit of a stretch & then staggered to the treadmill.
Up until 2km on the treadmill I was doing pretty good. My stamina has increased about a gazzillion percent since I started 3 1/2 months ago HOWEVER, my dodgy 39 3/4 year old knees & my Donald Duck flat shovel feet let me down. By now I had been going hard for an hour & a half on this crazy triathlon & was up to my second round on the ipod.
Mentally I did the ole Lleyton Hewitt & yelled at the umpire in my brain "COME ON!!!" but alas around the 2 and a half km the tendon in my right arch of my foot did that familar TWANG, shook it's fist at me & threatened that if I didn't stop that it would snap. To bring home the point my foot suddenly got massive pins & needles and then my rice bubble knees decided to join the party & make weird painful clicky noises.
I made an executive decision that 1 hour and 45minutes was enough.
I hobbled off the treadmill like an old granny who forgot her zimmerframe & hit the stretch mats.
.... just in time to hear the final throws of ecstacy from Mr Masterbation as he made sweet love to his 50kg dumb-bells. awesome.

I am starting to wonder if for the sake of my joints I shouldn't be jogging. Alot of the 12wbt revolves around running so I wonder if I can substitute something else. Like the X-trainer or the bikes.
Maybe I should take up swimming again?????
Tonight I have decided to step out of the warm fuzzy comfort zone & do a Zumba Class.
Last time I did a Zumba class it was at my old gym & the instructor was dead-set CRAZYYYYY.
and not in a HA-HA LOL way. In a Holy Shit call the men in the white coats way.
I will position myself at the back & pretend that I am on So you Think You Can Dance.
In my mind I will be riding The Hot Tamale Train!
Wish me luck.

PS:  In other news... TBF & I have just found out the we are starting our round two of IVF next week. So in addition to 12wbt I will also have the joy of nightly injections & massive hormonal upheavals. Should be fun. yikes.


  1. Good luck with the IVF...those drugs are potent. If you are anything like me you will be an absolute delight to be around. *sarcasm*

  2. Luckily my GP has said that I can stay on my Lovan. Phew.

  3. Try a Glucosamine and Condroitin (? dont think I spelt it right) suppliment. I hear it works wonders for knees and joints and all that!