Thursday, April 26, 2012

Totally Tight Toned Terrific Tart

Yesterday I opened a can of mental whip-ass & printed out the whole of next week's exercise & eating plans & did a bit of forward planning. Yes it has only taken me nearly the whole of Round One to work out that I should be looking ahead to potential obstacles that may befall me.

This coming week is filled with impending 12wbt doom. It's ok up until Thursday then things could go pear shaped (like my silhouette). Here is a look at my week 12:
MONDAY 30TH:  CARDIO ON GYM MACHINES while attempting to look cool & fit in my bleach stained 3/4 $5 Target pants & stained VLV shirt.
TUESDAY 1st:  TONING SESSION while attempting to look like it is totally effortless for me to do push-ups while holding in the tears of agony & pain.
WEDNESDAY 2nd: Spin Class madness while grimacing a false smile at Bionic Lady PT while she calmly announces "Just 5 more minutes on this hill climb woohoooo".
THURSDAY 3rd: Potential disaster day. I am booked in to get the bajingos bleached out of my hair & so I can't hit the gym in the arvo. That means that I must rise at the ungodly hour of 5am and do the MB DVD while my husband & cat snore peacefully away in the ajoining room.
FRIDAY 4th: TBF & I are going to see the other love of my life Henry Rollins. SWOON. So once again no time for afternoon exercise. I must stumble out of bed, trip over the moggy in my flannys & stumble around the lounge room swearing & mumbling "Whazatfugginshit grunt....."  while I do my fitball CORE exercises.
SATURDAY 5th: TBF & I have to be up at sparrow's to drive to Mt Tamborine for the annual Garterbelts & Gasoline Soap Box Derby. No time for any exercise today except maybe running down the hill after my husband screaming at the top of my lungs as he hurtles down in his racer.
SUNDAY 6th:  Back up the mountain for the Garterbelts & Gasoline Hot Rod show. No time for exercise today. I will get a bit of exercise strolling around the cars & will build up the muscles in my hand & wrists with the opening & closing of my purse while I spend too much money on hair barrettes & flowers.
At least I have a bit of a plan.

Yesterday I did my first try of the MB Crunch time DVDs. I did the Tight Toned & Terrific.
Bloody hell. It sure does give you a work-out. I hate to think what the Super Shredder Cardio workout is like. *shudder*
I didn't have any hand weights so I used my Point One milk cartons to do my bicep exercises.
This arvo I am going to buy a yoga matt because my slightly ripped (thank you staffy dogs) beach towel just didn't cut the mustard & kept slipping around and didn't offer any support for my svelte feminine wrists when doing pushups.

Last night we were supposed to have the Stuffed Tomatoes with Feta Currants & Mint.
Stuff that fancy schamcy Master Chef bizzo. I just chucked it all into a pan using exactly the same ingredients & quantities & cooked it up & added the rice. It was yummy. TBF gave it an 8/10.
We then proceeded to torture ourselves by watching Heston Blumenthal on SBS.
Last night's episode was all about him cooking with cheese. OMFG.
He made Cheese on toast ICECREAM. YES CHEESE ICECREAM.
TBF & I just sat there absent-mindedly wiping the dripping drool from our chins while softly chanting "Oooo cheeeeeeese Mmmmmmmm".
If you are on any sort of healthy eating plan do not.. I repeat DO NOT watch Heston.
Next week is all cooking with potatoes with his Triple cooked chips.
Oh Mr Blumenthal I love you but I hate you too.

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  1. Go Mz. Vicki! If you need some exercise at G&G come & visit me and I will send you on lots of errands!! Lx