Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm a JEANius!

OMG Tomorrow is the final weigh-in for Round One. *chews fingernails*
I'm feeling pretty confident that I have lost this week.
Final weigh in also means I have to take the AFTER photos. One set of me in my Reg Grundys that I send off to Mish and the more PC version that i will post on here.
In other very exciting news...
I've dragged out of hibernation my winter woolies. I LOVE winter! I love knitted cardies, trousers, berets & most of all my Pendleton 49er Jackets SWOON.
I cannot WAIT to wear my black & grey Heyday 1940s highwaisted trousers! I just have to get them hemmed due to the fact that I have The Tiny Legs.
Anyways..... I pulled out my jeans. I have two 'good' pairs of jeans. I pair I bought from Wintersun many many moons ago & they are Prison Blues Jeans from Atomic Life. Last time I wore them last winter they were a bit baggy in the leg but otherwise fit fine.
Well roll me in garlic & call me smelly!!! They literally fell off me!!!!
I handed them to TBF who tried them on. They fit the huge monkey man perfectly!

"Geez Louise Crikey!" I thought "Oh well I still have my Levi 527s I bought 6 months ago.
They are now MASSIVE on me! Again TBF tried them on. Perfect fit.
Either both of us have lost weight OR I used to be the size of a Silverback Gorilla.
I don't want to buy new jeans until I have reached my goal body where I look very similar to The Black Widow in Avengers.

I still want some jeans for winter though, so I might just have to get the dodgy brothers ones from Tarjay for $20 until I shout myself some you-beat denim when I am smokin hot like Scarlett.
Awesome Sauce (I'm not sure what that means but it seems to be the IN thing to say)


  1. Look at you, skinny minnie! Well done! It's a great feeling, that. When i lost weight last year i bought cheap target and op shop jeans along the way, it's a good idea.

  2. Wootwoo, look at you all skinny and stuff. Target did me fine through my year or so of losing weight, but not now, now I buy good stuff.

  3. how exciting!! I can't wait to shop and actually buy what I want to buy rather than buy what fits me! Can't wait to see the before & after pics - good luck for weigh in tomorrow (even though luck has nothing to do with it!)

  4. Great work! Such wonderful results.

  5. The incredible shrinking woman. xx