Tuesday, March 20, 2012


So exhaustion & a cold has slammed into me like an airbag on a Mazda 3.
I was powering along like Wonder Woman with a clip board & Excel leading up to the fundraiser. I was firing on all cylinders & crackin' along at 100 km an hour. I ran around the function like a jack russell on speed.
Now that it is over my whole being feels like it has been beaten into a pulp both physically & mentally.
Even my BLOOD is tired.
Today my boss asked my co-worker "Where is Vicki?"
My co-worker replied "See that slightly pulsating jello like substance with the blonde hair over there on the chair... I think that is Vicki. I heard it muttering something about caffeine earlier".
I feel like a zombie. I am just waiting for somebody to jump out from behind the fax machine with an axe screaming "You're NOT getting MY brains baby!!! ARRRRrrrrr!"
Yesterday I hit the gym with as much gusto as my aching legs could muster.
I admit that I only did half of the session before I started feeling a bit light-headed & I seriously found it hard to lift my legs. I tried to run but ended up fast walking for the 20 minutes instead.
I was so delierious I even found Deal or No Deal on the telly intriguing. Warning bells indeed.
I did my weekly weigh in today expecting a result that would have me banging my head on the wall like Don Music of Sesame Street. "I'll NEVER GET IT! NEVER!!!"
I have lost 100g.
What tha?
The only explanation for this must be that I have been about 97% perfect with my food and maybe I burnt some calories in nervous energy. Either way I am happy to accept the loss.
Tonight I am SUPPOSSED to go to crazy SPIN class but I really don't think I can do it.
If I get too run down my brain starts getting it's crazy thang on.
I feel like crud for NOT exercising but I think I will feel crudier if I do.
I think I should stay home & have cups of Earl Grey instead.
I'm off now to have a snack because I'm a wee bit pekish.

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